The wait for the Oculus Rift DK2 is almost over. Oculus VR have stated that they’re confident they can ship 20-30k DK2 units in the month of July, which means that there’s likely to be a lot of very happy VR fans by then.

Right now though, one fan in particular is finding these last few weeks so tortuous, he felt he had to express himself in this short film. An accurate and emotive piece I think you’ll agree. Nice work meepsblah, you managed to occupy us for almost a minute – but we still have many more to go.

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  • sponge101

    Say with me, 3-2-1… WOOO-SAAH, WOOO-SAAH. But seriously, gamers need to keep their minds occupied until the dk2 (for me the CV1) release. One good way to prepare for the oculus is by moding their games so they will be ready for the oculus; that’s what i’m doing. Furthermore, you can do research on what other vr tech would interest you in addition to the oculus. In other words, be proactive.

  • joskeverm

    The last few weeks I’ve been filling with other waiting games. A brand new gaming rig (my first one), so I will experience the DK2 as it should be experienced. Next to that a 4k monitor and an UE4 license. Haven’t even yet tried the Oculus Rift but already I know I will be wanting to make something for it.
    tl;dr: Excited to be part of something I believe will be huge.