Facebook announced that the v25 software update for its Quest platform is set to include Facebook Messenger, which will be available to anyone who is logged into their Facebook account on either Quest or Quest 2.

This will allow users to chat with Facebook friends who own any device with Messenger. The company says in a blogpost that without taking off the headset you’ll be able to write messages by typing with a virtual keyboard, select from pre-written texts, or use Quest’s voice-to-text function.

Additionally, users can also send private Oculus Party invites to make jumping into multiplayer games more simple. Facebook says the v25 update is rolling out starting this week, however may take a few weeks to arrive to all users.

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Whether for ill or good, finally having a cross-platform, system-wide messenger on Quest will hopefully make it easier to meet up with friends and maintain contact with the outside world without having to exit VR. Although slightly confusing, this effectively creates two messenger options in-headset: one using your public-facing Facebook account, and the Oculus Chats messenger which is used exclusively with people on your Oculus friends list.

Facebook says that using Messenger on Oculus doesn’t change your existing Oculus privacy settings, and that you can still message your Oculus friends using Oculus Chats with your existing Oculus username.

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  • xyzs

    That’s what everyone was craving.
    Some more Facebook inside their headset…..

    • FrankB

      If only somebody would come along and create a decent standalone VR rival with no FB. I guess nobody else can afford to price it so low. I’m kinda hoping that the next Sony VR effort is a universal wireless device that will work with PC and PS5, wishful thinking, I know.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        But then you would be missing out on stuff like Messenger through VR….

        • sfmike

          Don’t try to be rational with FB haters.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            haha, hence the extra dots ;)

          • gothicvillas

            It must be some European perhaps German, no sense of humor

          • Amni3D

            Guy literally just said he doesn’t want a console run by Facebook and isn’t seeing any benefits that competition can’t out do them in.

            If its considered irrational to want competition, I don’t know what to tell you.

          • crim3

            or lovers.

        • Amni3D

          The implication that anyone under 40 sees value in Facebook Messenger is an interesting one.

          Not Skype. Not Discord. Facebook Messenger. The service where even die hard Facebook fans don’t have it installed on their phone since WhatsApp superseded it anyway.

  • Eric Mcoo

    My prediction. Facebook will get no benefit from VR. Who wants to wear a silly helmet ?

    • FrankB

      I wonder why you’re browsing a VR centric news site then?

      • Eric Mcoo

        Not for casual Facebook use , which is why I assume Facebook bought Oculus.

        • VR5

          VR is a non ad based revenue stream for FB. FB being ad based (and thus sharing data with advertisers) is one of the main sources for criticism directed at the social network. Diversifying to be less reliant on a bad press revenue stream does benefit FB as a company.

          • User_Name_24601

            And if they ever decide to get out of the VR business, they now have an asset they can license to others. Whether that’s the technology and/or the brand. For them, it’s a win-win.

      • Eric Mcoo

        I decide against VR but I retain a very casual interest.

      • sfmike

        Trolls gotta be trolls.

  • JB1968

    Cool! Any info on Facebook Ads release? That’s the last feature stopping me from buying Quest2!

  • Till Eulenspiegel

    Mark Zuckerberg didn’t bought Oculus to make money. Unlike Whatsapp or Instagram, VR is not at a point where it can generate a lot of profit. Oculus is a pet project of Zuckerberg, he loves VR and that is the problem – he has taken personal interest in this business. He tries to insert as much Facebook connection into Oculus as he can, naively he thought that people would love it.

  • drpeppercan

    Is Messenger already available in Q2?