It’s been exactly one year since Oculus launched Touch, the motion controller that made Rift a truly competitive room-scale headset. To celebrate, the company is hosting a dedicated flash sale of up to 75% on 80+ major Touch titles. The sale expires today (December 6th) at 11:59 pm PT (your local time).

The flash sale features a number of big titles, including Lone Echo (2017), Superhot VR (2017, From Other Suns (2017), and The Gallery Bundle with Episodes 1 & 2 to name a few. Check out the full list below.

You can find links for each game on the official flash sale page here.

Lone Echo $30 $39 Fly to Kuma Maker $6 $15
SUPERHOT VR $10 $25 Dig4Destruction $6 $12
From Other Suns $30 $40 Titan Slayer $4.50 $13
Tilt Brush $10 $20 Final Goalie $10 $20
Arktika.1 $15 $30 Sketchbox $7.50 $15
I Expect You to Die $10 $25 VR Toolbox $8 $10
Skyworld $20 $40 Super Kaiju $10 $20
Dead & Buried $1 $20 Old Friend $1.50 $3
Ultrawings $13 $25 Show Must Go On $6 $15
theBlu $4 $10 Unearthed Inc. – The Lost Temple $10 $25
Gunheart $14 $35 Twisted Arrow $10 $20
Loco Dojo $10 $20 Fantastic Contraption $15 $30
Star Chart $4 $10 Giant Cop $10 $25
Job Simulator $18 $20 Sneaky Bears $7.50 $15
The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed $5 $20 The Tower $3.50 $7
The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone $24 $30 Archangel $15 $30
The Gallery Episode 1 & 2 $24 $45 The Pierhead Arcade $4 $10
The Wizards $10 $20 Trickster $4.50 $13
Don’t Knock Twice $10 $20 VR Invaders $9 $18
Racket NX $10 $20 Zero-Gravity Tennis Plannes $7.50 $15
Masterpiece VR $15 $30 Konrad the Kitten $5 $10
Crowe $4.50 $9 Kittypocalypse $6 $15
Blasters of the Universe $6 $15 Overkill VR $10 $20
Carnival Games VR $5 $20 Boogeyman $2.50 $5
Mervils $10 $20 Dead Hungry $10 $20
Smashbox Arena $8 $20 Gnomelings $2.50 $5
Sports BarVR $10 $20 Jam Session VR $1.50 $3
Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope $30 $40 Guns ‘N’ Stories: Bulletproof VR $5 $10
Ancient Amuletor VR $10 $20 Gravity Lab $10 $20
Guided Meditation VR $6 $15 Holoball $6 $15
Elven Assassin $5 $10 Music Inside $7.50 $15
Chocolate $1.50 $30 Beats Fever $6 $15
VR Everyday Golf $15 $30 Counter Fight: Samurai Edition $5 $10
Form $6 $15 Cosmic Trip $10 $20
Nanite Fulcrum – Issue One $2.50 $5 Drunkn Bar Fight $6 $12
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes $6 $15 Kingspray $6 $15
Crashimals $10 $20 Snow Fortress $7.50 $15
Island 359 $10 $20 ZR Zombie Riot $10 $20
Range Day VR $9 $18 Space Dragon $7.50 $15
DisasSembled V3 $6 $15 Karnage Chronicles $10 $25
Perfect $4 $10 Ramen Shop Simulator $4 $8
Firebird La Peri $4 $10 VR Sports Challenge $15 $30
Final Approach $6 $15 Makebox $5 $10
Annie Amber $4 $8 Mars Odyssey $4 $8
Obscura $5 $10 Enigma Sphere $10 $20


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Miss the sale? While we can bet they’ll at least be one more sale before Christmas time, you can always keep an eye on Oculus ‘promotions’ section on the Oculus Store for new savings.

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  • dk

    hey cool the vive is 1 year and 8 months old :P … doesn’t matter ….just saying

    • Flamerate1

      There’s a sale going on. No one cares about the anniversary.
      The vive also had a sale on its birthday.

      • dk

        the rift basically didn’t exist for 8 months until the touch controllers came out

        • yag

          Not again. That’s a very narrow vision of VR, ask simmers.

          • dk

            nah it’s just a fact ….it’s not really relevant to a lot

            …except that they were late by 8 moths and after that they needed a few months to update the software for good room scale performance with 3 cameras ……..and the funny thing is they were showing the controllers about a year and a half before they went on sale
            …..but whatever

  • Robbie DeRoo

    I would have bought Lone Echo and Other Suns or any of the “good titles”, if they were actually 75% off like the click-bait title suggests. The sparse amount of titles which are actually 75% off are that price for a reason. Because they flopped. Just sayin’.


      Lone Echo is considered to be a AAA VR experience. You think $30 is way, way overpriced?

      • Pablo C

        It depends on how long of a experience is.

      • Robbie DeRoo

        I think $20 is fair for titles that have the same longevity as say, Portal 2 (which coincidentally is $20 on Steam). But when the title of this article suggests a 75% off sale, $30 is a veritable insult. Perhaps sack the headliners. Understandably, VR does not have the same market as other games, but if they are not offsetting the price, and if they expect us to absorb the costs of not having a wider community, then this is fundamentally why VR will continue to grow so slowly. You think they cannot afford to sell it cheaper and have more people buy the game? China seems to understand this. Which is why we are going to see a lot more quality titles from them, sold at a price which, more or less, aligns with the mobile app market. Then they will steal your business and profits from under your nose. And these AAA Devs will be left scratching their heads wondering why nobody is buying their games. Croteam’s The Talos Principle, another case in point.

        • Dan

          What is this China thing? When has China ever made a game that wasn’t just a poor imitation of something else? It sounds like you just want crappy mobile games that are cheap or free, hopefully loaded with loot boxes and other monetization ideas.

          No one wants a flood of crappy Chinese games, that does no good for anyone, look how flooded with crap the mobile market is.

      • NooYawker

        Lone Echo is not considered a AAA game. It’s considered a very good game but it’s not a AAA game. That’s like calling the movie District 9 a blockbuster movie.

        • CURTROCK

          I chose my wording very carefully, knowing it would get called out. I called it a AAA VR “experience”. Meaning, many have recognized this represents the best of VR in its current state of development. Point being: AAA titles on a console are $80+-. $30 for something as awesome as Lone Echo doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

    • NooYawker

      It’s like any sale for any product.. all the good stuff is discounted a bit and all the crap is heavily discounted. It’s always UP TO 75% off

    • JPRacer77Qc

      “up to 75%”

  • cgeers

    Wow…. what a bummer. Flash sale? How the hell would I have known about it? Just got a rift and would have loved to have gotten some games and/or apps. Guess I’ll just make do with what I have until the next completely stealth sale goes on and I miss it again. Thanks Oculus for NOTHING. LOL

    • yag

      Those flash sales are even shorter for those who don’t live in the US…

  • yag

    These flash sales are very frustrating, we are not all living in the US.

  • Martin

    Damn, missed it :-/