The full release of Godot 3.0 is now available, bringing VR support to the engine via a lightweight, 3DoF, ‘Cardboard-like’ solution, and OpenVR support through a GDNative-based plugin. The multiplatform Godot Engine is an open source, non-profit project available to download for free via the official site or through Steam.

As described in the news article on the Godot Engine website, Godot 3.0 is the result of over 18 months of development, bringing many changes and improvements, with a “brand new rendering engine with state-of-the-art PBR workflow for 3D, an improved assets pipeline, GDNative to load native code as plugins, C# 7.0 support, and many other features.”

VR support originally appeared with the introduction of an ‘ARVR Server architecture’ in the October 2017 Alpha 2 release, which allows various AR and VR platforms to communicate with the engine. Lead developer Juan Linietsky describes the GDNative ARVR framework as “tightly knit,” allowing support for other VR platforms to be developed “independently of the core game engine.”

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Further information about the team’s plans for AR and VR support can be found in an earlier post by programmer Bastiaan Olij, which details the “Native Mobile” interface for lightweight mobile VR apps which just require headset orientation and lens distortion, and the full compatibility with SteamVR headsets via their GDNative OpenVR implementation.

An “experimental” GDNative module for OpenHMD is also available, the open source project that enables cross-platform support for several headsets, including PSVR. There are further plans to bring Gear VR and Daydream support in the future. AR is now planned for the 3.1 release; support for ARKit has been in progress for several months via Olij’s ARKit branch on GitHub.

Olij recently posted the video above demonstrating how easy it is to enable OpenVR in a project now that the module has become an official asset in the library, and a few users, including tutorial makers Game From Scratch are reporting success when using a Windows Mixed Reality headset running SteamVR.

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  • Cool

  • El Pingüno

    amazing! but I wish it already supports mobile platforms. Mobile is the future. And unfortunately only useful engine is unity3d so far, which had super heavy overhead in comparison with native solutions and unlikely is going to eliminate these performance issues

    • Aitor Cereceto

      This comment show how didn’t even try the engine. I am running a VR game made in godot in my mobile phone

      • El Pingüno

        what’s the name? any public benchmark against unity?

        • Aitor Cereceto

          I did it myself. Godot has pretty well made plugins made by community for doing VR / AR
          I’m not sure about performance bcs my mobile doesn’t handle much more (it has almost 3 years). When I change the mobile, I’ll reply you.

  • bluesatoshi

    >3 DoF
    And dropped. It’s just not the same without positional tracking.

    • You literally dropped in “3 DoF”? It says “3DoF, ‘Cardboard-like’ solution, AND OpenVR support”, so yeah, it supports 6 DoF through OpenVR and other interfaces

      • Caven

        The article even goes beyond that by saying “…and the full compatibility with SteamVR headsets via their GDNative OpenVR implementation”. Plus, the lead picture and the included video both show the use of an Oculus Touch controller.

  • Lucidfeuer

    Interesting although I don’t see a point besides for 2 games for now.

  • Dartaniel

    Not a mature engine. Will take years to reach the level of polish for Unity and Unreal. Come back in 2020.

    • Leslie

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    • Frobots

      Not true. Godot has been around for 17 years and the new version 3 is very polished:

  • Sammiebox

    I’ve been waiting for this.