‘Papo and Yo’ Creators Launch ‘Time Machine VR’ via Steam, Try it at PAX Prime


Time Machine VR is an action adventure title from Papo and Yo developers Minority Media, which puts you in the shows of a time-travelling scientist searching for an ancient cure for a modern day plague. It’s a native VR game for the Oculus Rift and it looks stunning.

If you’ve not played Minority Media’s beautiful and affecting Papo and Yo, go and do so right away – for two reasons. One: it’s amazing, Two: it’ll make you understand why Time Machine VR is such a potentially exciting prospect for Oculus Rift owners. The game has just been launched via Steam’s Early Access program, available to buy now along with a free 10 minute demo to give you a taste of what to expect.

Time Machine VR on Steam


The game has you piloting the titular flying time machine as you traverse Jurassic era timelines searching for DNA to help unlock a cure to a contemporary plague which threatens to wipe out civilisation. So, quite the departure from the developer’s previous title then.

The company’s CEO and Creative director Vander Caballero, a long time virtual reality enthusiast, is betting big on next year’s ‘VR revolution’ as Minority dedicate themselves to immersive game production. “I believe this technology is going to take over. It’s going to be the platform of the century. It’s going to take television and kick it out the window.” he told Polygon recently. He feels now is the time to explore VR “We’re talking to a lot of investors, and I can tell you that a year ago people would think you are crazy [for getting into VR],”

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Time Machine VR certainly looks great, rendered as it is on Unreal Engine 4, with production design that spans atmospheric underwater areas and vast sweeping Jurassic landscapes, with a dash of futuristic elements, it’s one of the best looking VR-centric titles I’ve seen so far.

If this has all piqued your interest and you’re attending PAX Prime in Seattle over the weekend, then head over to Booth #7408 where the developers are keen for you to visit and try it for yourselves.

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  • kalqlate

    It seems that they are trying to be true to the paleontological record. If so, what a fantastic educational experience this title will be for all ages.

  • crim3

    It looks like many developers can get rid of the lens flare effect in VR :D

  • Darshan Gayake

    What an amazing piece of work…. Visuals make me think of two movies OBLIVION (for ship and environment) + Jurassic World 2015. (For Aqua Dino)

    Trip to Jurassic World in VR.. Most amazing thing that can be done.. I preferred they have not shown predator side of Dinos but eventually they will Still my love with them till they don’t turn it in to TUROK and keep it educational..

    Super excited by trailer so far.

    • crim3

      Not a dinosaur, by the way.

      • Darshan Gayake

        The one shown here Plesiosaurus is indeed kind of a Dinosaur, like we all are homosepians but that does not stop us from being one of mankind. (homosepians only surviving members of mankind btw).

  • Darshan Gayake

    Ok update they are kronosaurus, plesiosaurus had longer neck .