CryWorks is a new VR focused entertainment launched with seed round funds led by Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group and who intend to deliver VR content to have customers “keep tuning back in”.

The VR talent migration within the entertainment industry, that feels to have been building ever since Oculus’ successful Kickstarter for the DK1, continues to gather momentum.

Cryworks is a new “immersive entertainment company” formed from talent mined from leading lights in the movie-making and VFX world. CEO Euan Macdonald hails from Lucasfilm/ILM, Pixar, Disney ImageMovers Digital and Electronic Arts with credits stretching from Star Wars to the Harry Potter movies.

Macdonald is joined at CryWorks by Co-founder and CTO Hans Uhlig, who brings expertise in technical filmmaking gained at ILM/Lucasfilm and CCO Kymber Lim, an award winning VFX producer who has worked at the likes of Psyop and Digital Domain.

Macdonald feels there’s still plenty for companies creating compelling content for the growing virtual reality user base.“Although there are a few high-quality VR content pieces to date, most of them have little incentive for the viewer to keep tuning back in”, Macdonald explained. “We see an opportunity to build the first VR broadcast network, partnering with other production companies and creating addictive, episodic experiences.”

The company has been quick to get to work too, with projects for the Wall Street Journal and Samsung already under their belts.

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  • Sam Illingworth

    Isn’t that name rather similar to a certain other well known entity in computer games, including VR?

    • Yaniv Ben David

      1st thing on my mind. Shows how creative they are…

      • Dobba

        Creatively, what’s worse is their logo. Who designed that piece of 80’s eye sore I see at the top of the page?

        • Charles

          I liked designs from the 80’s.

        • Konchu

          I’m guessing there CEO Jobe Smith might have had some influence.

    • realtrisk

      Yes. This.

  • John Leonard

    hmmm….will they be using the “CRY” engine? If you put in Cry and works in google get Farcry Workstation. LOL The TeKnology they will use may be a FARCRY from todays games and could cause a CRYSIS!!!!

  • Michael

    No talent from Crytek though?

    • Ian Shook

      John Leonard with whatever that is, Sam Illingworths comment replies, and Ken Adams.

  • Ken Adams

    hehe. rename in progress.

  • Ian Shook

    So much hate in here. This seems like a dream team with great things on the horizon.

    • Charles

      “So much hate in here” Where? I see one slightly-negative comment.

  • John

    Sounds great, Bring us back with VR game shows, TV type series and your on their couch, Discovery channel in VR, Remakes of movies in VR. I’m Ready for it all and all is possible.

  • Alvin Chung

    Good luck. Film people stop trying to tell a linear story in VR. You’re wasting the medium.

  • blue5peed

    First order of business is to resolve their naming Crysis.