Sony have released example artwork for PlayStation VR launch titles that gives us a look at how the company intends to let consumers know they’ll need $399 worth of additional hardware before they buy the games.

Sony’s PlayStation VR is coming on October 13, and it will probably be the biggest push virtual reality technology has had into traditional bricks and mortar retail outlets. That means of course boxes on shelves that customers pick up, pay for and take home (I know, quaint huh?).

But when you have PS4 titles vying for attention on store shelves, and some of them require (relatively) expensive additional hardware in order for them to work, as a retailer you want to be sure the customer is clued in as early as possible. As such, retail packaging design for PSVR titles is pretty key and Sony have likely spent a lot of time working out how best to communicate this to consumers.


Well, here’s the result. Sony have chosen to highlight the PlayStation VR headset requirement (or ‘Compatible’) banner across the top of the box (which to my eyes is pretty clear) but with an additionally succinct tag bottom right simply stating “You’ll Need These”, underneath a shot of the headset and PlayStation camera. Interestingly however, the PS Move controllers do not make an appearance in any of these shots. This is expected for Rigs, a Dual Shock joypad-controlled title, but both VR Worlds and Hustle Kings use the PS Move controllers at least in part, which could mean the packaging may not send all the right messages here.

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At GDC 2016 earlier this year, Sony announced that PSVR would cost $399 as the ‘Core Headset’ package which doesn’t include the PlayStation VR camera of PlayStation Move controllers. The company has since offered a ‘Launch Bundle’ which does include the aforementioned for $499. Online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy have been taking spurious pre-orders based on stock, but at the time of writing both outlets are listed as sold out of the of headset.

The PlayStation VR launches on October 13 and Sony is promising over 50 PSVR compatible titles to be available in the launch window.

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  • John Doe

    Perhaps developers will start making money like the old days rather than getting buried under piles of crap in app stores!!!

    • DiGiCT Ltd

      App stores are in general having more pros as cons, as it has user reviews from players whom played / bought the game.
      Steam has a very good system for that already, even you can see how high rated a game is and can see on what people gave that game the rating.
      It comes with even videos on how the gameplay looks like.
      All those are lacking on buying shelve version games although i must agree a shelve box version looks more worth the money as you really buy some part still as a physical product.
      As the way a product been sold i must say buying games in a box feels bettter but it does not mean you buy a better game.
      There been many times i came back home with a box version of a game which just let me feel disappointing after i bought it.
      Back to your statement I can understand the issue about a lot of crap games, but it does not mean this way solves it at all.
      The only problem there is on making games is that many devlopers focus on making money instead of making a game because you really like it.
      That is the main cause many games are no fun at all or unfinished products, as the devloper just want to make money quickly.
      Sad but true, the reality however IMHO as a devloper myself is that if you did make a good game, players are very happy to pay for it, although it is not an easy task to make a good game many player like but it should always be the priority nr1.

  • Nigerian Wizard

    Thanks for the tip RoadToVR! I’ll be sure to look for these in the $5 used game section!

  • I’ve got mine on preorder. Can’t wait! So excited the VR revolution is here and that tech has caught up to the dream.

    • Whalen Williams

      hey bryan- i wouldn’t get this at all.. you should really cancel your pre-order on this playstation vr. it has been getting really bad reviews on youtube and playstation forums…. i cancel my pre-order asap when i saw the horrible reviews on this. think about it!!!!!

      • Sorry, Whalen, no can do. I got a demo of PlayStation VR at Best Buy when it came through Indy so I can say first hand that it’s awesome. I’m not canceling my pre-order. I’m more excited than ever. The reviews are just mad pc master race users. They don’t want PlayStation VR to make it and want people to buy a vive. Vive is awesome but Sony has the market share. There’s nothing anyone can do about it now. PlayStation VR is awesome and here to stay.