Sony is bringing its next-gen PlayStation console to market in time for holiday season this year, but there’s still plenty of question marks left. That’s hopefully about to change tomorrow.

In the wake of GDC getting effectively canned this week, PlayStation today announced that PS5 Lead System Architect Mark Cerny will be giving a “deep dive into PS5’s system architecture, and how it will shape the future of games.”

The info dump is happening on the PS blog tomorrow, March 18th at 9AM PT (local time here).

The console’s full spec sheet isn’t entirely flushed out, and we still haven’t seen the actual console, save what appears to be beefy-looking developer kits, so there’s always that to look forward to.

PS5 is said to include an 8-core AMD Zen CPU, AMD Navi GPU, custom SSD, 4K Blu-ray player.

Image courtesy Lets Go Digital

Cerny, who has previously worked as the lead system architect on both PS4, spoke in an exclusive interview with Wired late last year where he said that the upcoming PS5 system would feature a more powerful CPU and GPU, advanced audio processing, and radically faster mass storage.

Next-Gen VR Dev Kits for PS5 Shipping Soon with "completely new VR format"

Sony has previously confirmed that the current PSVR headset will be compatible with PS5, however that a potential second PSVR headset may arrive after the console’s launch.

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  • Mei Ling

    Fantastic! Can’t wait.

    In honesty Sony themselves know they have to develop a powerful system in order to be forward thinking about the PSVR brand. The more they do now to the PS5 the less they have to do in a long while.

    Expect 11+ TFLOPs to those desperate for some hard numbers :P

    • KodaiRyu

      Gtx 1080 ti has 11.3 Tflops though…. PS5 has 0.3 Tflops more.