Tammeka GamesRadial-G, the futuristic ‘Wipeout’ inspired racer built from the ground up for VR support, has just been updated with Oculus SDK 0.6.0 support and the addition of a challenging new single player campaign.


The latest update to Radial-G has popped up on Steam for those supporting their early access campaign. Update #4 brings the following features and technical updates:

  • Single Player Career Mode – 3 gruelling tiers to advance through
  • New ship to unlock – Complete career mode to gain access to Hellfire
  • New achievements to unlock – Complete each tier and get all gold!
  • Steam Cloud Saves – Carry on where you left off on another PC
  • Updated Oculus Rift Runtime support – now running OVR SDK 0.6
Radial-G Single player achievements

Tammeka Games Game Producer and Community Manager Sam Watts, commented on reddit that Update #4 marks somewhat of a milestone for the game’s development. “Have been a bit quiet of late on here but excited to inform you that we’ve just pushed out Update#4 for Radial-G : Racing Revolved to the Steam Early Access servers.
This essentially makes our initial development plan complete, for what we wanted / were able to include in v1.0 of the game based upon our initial Kickstarter goals.”

The addition of support for Oculus’ 0.6.0 SDK and runtime means the development team now have access to a slew of important new performance related enhancements – some of which we detail here – although no details on what, if any, new features have been taken advantage of are given.

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So what next for Radial-G? Well the game is still running under the Steam early access program of course, but the team are focussed on the challenges of supporting multiple VR platforms set for release very soon. “We will continue to work with our supported platforms to extend the game further, offering more content and features as we build up to full release to coincide with the commercial releases of Vive, Oculus, Morpheus and OSVR. This means that everyone will end up getting more for their money when we do fully launch the game!” Sam Watts says.

You can grab Radial-G for a mere £9.99 via Steam early access right now, it’s one of the best racers for VR right now and one of our favourite VR titles full stop.

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