Survios, the developers behind the impressive first person VR action title Raw Data, has announced that the game is coming to Oculus Rift with fully “re-engineered” Touch motion control support and the ability to play online with your HTC Vive owning friends.

One of the most accomplished early titles for the Steam VR platform and the HTC Vive, the guns ‘n swords gameplay of Raw Data also made it was of VR’s first major commercial successes. According to the developers, the title was the first VR title to exceed $1M in sales, a feat achieved in less than a month.

Now the title is coming to the Oculus Rift with Touch controllers support, and Survios are taking the opportunity to add the ability for Steam VR and Oculus Home users to play together with cross compatibility support.

'Raw Data' Developer Survios Raises $50 Million, Now Top Funded VR Dev Studio

Raw_Data_Cover_Art_(1)“We’re thrilled to welcome the Oculus player community to Raw Data,” said James Iliff, Survios Chief Creative Officer and co-founder. “With VR still a young, niche industry, it’s crucial right now for the entire community to be united regardless of platform. We believe VR is ultimately going to be a platform-agnostic medium, and we’re showing our support for that shift with Raw Data’s new, cross-platform compatibility—and that’s just the beginning. We’re going to do everything we can to create content for the entire VR community.”

Alongside the Rift support, Survios also teased some of the new content players can expect to get stuck into soon. The next content update will feature player character rebalancing in responbse to player feedback, with Saija and Boss both receiving “powerful new abilities” and “extensive reworks”, as well as a new mission called “Cataclysm” – which has “descend to new depths of terror as they fend off deadly enemies while traveling on a moving elevator platform”.

No precise work on Raw Data’s release for Oculus Home as yet or when that promised content update will arrive, but Survios are on hand at GDC to show it off to show goers.

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  • DM

    I hope the update is also released for the Steam version I already purchased to use with my Oculus.

  • Matthew White

    Can I get an Oculus home code since I have the Steam version? It’s always cool when companies do that.