Resident programmer at Cloudhead Games has illustrated (literally) the huge progress that’s been made in the last few years in VR hardware, culminating obviously in GDC 2015 and it’s Valve Steam VR revelations.

It’s sometime difficult to take stock of how far virtual reality, in particular headsets have come in the last few years. The rush of new hardware following Oculus’ Kickstarter campaign has also clouded the waters somewhat.


Cloudhead Games’ Christopher Roe feels your pain and decided to knock up a series of stick figure illustrations that give the newcomer some sense of the evolution of, at the very least, positional tracking in the VR space. It’s an amusingly charming selection of doodles that, although perhaps a touch biased towards the currently darlings of the VR world – Valve and HTC – at least tells you at a glance the differences between the two PC based systems. Perhaps an updated version including Sony’s Project Morpheus wouldn’t go amiss.

Update: Christopher Roe contacted us stating that the drawings were originally internal primers to clarify the differences between for the Oculus / Valve VR offerings – hence the lack of Sony’s hardware in the mix.

Cloudhead games are one of the longest standing VR games development houses, with their game ‘The Gallery: Six Elements‘ now being developed for both the Oculus Rift and Steam VR / HTC Vive platforms.

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You can catch the full set over at Cloudhead’s site here.

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