In this episode of the Rev VR Podcast, I am joined by Rob Swatton and David Weir from Earth & Sky in New Zealand. They have plans to bring Virtual Reality and Astronomy together to create an amazing guided tour of the universe.

We also discuss the future of education, and what will happen when virtual reality starts to take over our schools and enhance our children’s learning methods. Just like in the 1980s, when computers slowly crept into the classrooms, virtual reality HMDs have the same potential. Will children even have to go to school, or will they just stay home and attend virtually?

Nothing is more concerning than having 600 people sweat into your HMD while you are off evangelizing to the public. Rob and Dave share their concerns about this and how they aim to keep everything clean using products like Eric Greenbaum’s About Face.

We cover a few other topics, including the future of mobile VR. I want to thank Rob and Dave for being such wonderful guests on the show. They are looking for bright minds who might want to work with them, so if you are interested, shoot them an email.

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  • kevin williams

    @Kyle – another fascinating pod cast – just one question, was there a reason you o your guests steered away from the whole issue of using DK1/2 in “commercial” application”user agreement” along with your touching on the hygiene issue?