On this episode of the Rev VR Podcast, I am joined by developer, Jesse Joudrey. He shares an exclusive preview of his game Snow Drift, and we discuss VR game development, trolls, and IndieCade East.

I start out this episode with a public service announcement. After having to rebuild my father’s computer  this past weekend, I encourage everyone to clean out their PCs and be aware of the dangers of pet hair.

While I was buying new PC parts for my father, I also splurged on a new NVIDIA GTX 760 video card for myself. This led Jesse and I to discuss how the upcoming consumer release of the Oculus Rift might push a number of folks to have to upgrade thier video cards as well.

We then discuss Jesse’s game, SnowDrift. After a relatively successful first version, Jesse has been working on a new build and has decided to give us an exclusive first look at it.

To download the preview of the new SnowDrift, visit

The goal of sharing this with us is to solicit feedback from the community.  After you play it, please reach out to Jesse and let him know what you thought.

Email Jesse at

To see what the game looks like, check out Reverend Kyle’s video here:

We discuss cockpit games and best practices for a good VR gaming experience. Some people want a realistic game with crazy flips and disorienting movements, while others may want to have a more comfortable gameplay.  Jesse feels that it should be up to the player, and has built that option into his game.

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We discuss the Vancouver VR Meetup, and talk a bit about trolls in the community.  We then move on to IndieCade East.  Jesse will be attending and is looking for fellow Oculus Rift enthusiasts to join him on Saturday night.  If you are interested, reach out to him at the email listed above.

Thanks Jesse for sharing this exclusive preview of your game, SnowDrift!

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  • Andreas Aronsson

    Was playing Snow Drift while listening, am writing a feedback email as we speak! :D