The last time I spoke with E McNeill , he had just won the 2013 VR Game Jam with his amazing game, Ciess.  Now, he is showing off the latest evolution of his game, Darknet.

We discuss the journey from Ciess to Darknet, and his level of involvement with the Oculus Team.  A lot has changed since the earlier version, and the new version takes the experience to the next level. He was nice enough to share a demo with the Road to VR team and Cymatic Bruce did a playthough and review of it here.

We touch on the potential disasters that might occur if developers takes virtual reality games to their extreme. We don’t want future news headlines to be all about “VR Sickness”.

We have a decent discussion about the potential short-term and long-term outcomes to the Facebook acquisition. I originally recorded a “Future Episode” as an April Fool’s gag, but decided to bury it for fear that it was too realistic and dismal. In this fake future episode, I report from the date April 1st, 2016 and share my thoughts on the widely popular “Zuckerverse”. Sorry, this episode will never be released.

E McNeill will be showing off his game at PAX East later this month.

He also wants everyone to come join him in the Darknet /r/darkcom subreddit where he is perpetually holding an AMA.

Dueling Game 'Ironlights' Coming to PC VR & Quest in April

You can check out further information about Darknet at

A big thanks to E McNeill for taking the time to chat with us!

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