Multiverse Entertainment, the studio behind VR sci-fi shooter Seeking Dawn (2018), recently announced their 10+ hour title is due for a “huge content” update, which is said to arrive sometime before the game makes its way to PSVR.

The team initially released plans for the update via a Steam forum post, which mention things such as bug fixes and adjustments to gameplay mechanics that should make the game more fun. Here’s the relevant bits from the Multiverse’s post:

Since yesterday’s launch of Seeking Dawn, we have received tons of constructive feedback, suggestions and good wishes from our passionate community.

There are also technical issues and bug reports that we value equally. We’d like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for using your precious time to provide us with important information so we can continue to improve Seeking Dawn.

Our mission to develop one of the best VR games is not yet finished. But thanks to your undying support, we are more encouraged than ever before.

We sincerely apologize to every player who is having technical issues at the moment. We have located several issues that require immediate attention, such as crashes, stutters, and blurry graphics. Our dev team is working night and day to fix these issues.

Also, we are making some adjustments to gameplay mechanics to make Seeking Dawn even more fun!

We will release a more detailed roadmap along with plans for new content soon. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

Seeking Dawn isn’t the perfect, full-length VR game many were hoping for; in our review, we gave it a middling [6.5/10] points for its inclusion of some pretty grating game mechanics, such as its overemphasis on repetitive resource collection, and its gutless item crafting and base building mechanic. These issues notwithstanding, Seeking Dawn has accomplished some important feats in graphical fidelity, and also features an interesting variability of enemy types that should keep you not only in awe of the world around you, but on your toes for some of the bigger, badder enemies out there.

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In a statement obtained by VRFocus, CEO Freeman Fan says the studio has “huge content and upgrade plans,” which should release closer to the launch of the PSVR version. At the time of this writing, the game’s PSVR launch date is still TBA.

“On top of any bug-fixes, we’re working on a plan to include 5 more hours of playable story, a weapon-leveling system, new alien beasts to challenge, and texture improvements to Seeking Dawn’s already stellar visuals,” Freeman said.

We’ll be keeping an eye on further Seeking Dawn updates, so check back soon.

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  • kool

    I hope so I need some VR co-op!

  • hugorune

    Maybe this game is a worthy successor to Farpoint!

    • Tommy

      Lol, this game destroys Farpoint, and I love Farpoint