Space Channel 5 (1999) first launched on Dreamcast and PS2 over two decades ago, and now the long-dormant franchise is ready to reemerge on PSVR headsets this month with Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!

Originally slated to launch in December 2019 on PSVR, Space Channel 5 VR was later delayed to Spring 2020. Now, Japan-based developer Grounding Inc. says the rhythm game is headed to PSVR on February 25th in North America (prices at $40), and in Europe & Oceania one day later.

Versions for PC VR headsets will be available through Steam and Viveport, and for Oculus Quest, although their respective launch dates are still unknown at this time.

Set in the titular 25th-century space TV station ‘Space Channel 5’, the single-player VR game tasks you with fighting against alien invaders and rival dance crews with the power of choreographed moves—all in the patently ’60s retro-future surroundings. Although you don’t take over Ulala herself, you do get a chance to bust moves as her assistant.

Space Channel 5 VR is said to include a story mode, arcade mode, and an endurance exercise mode with calorie counter. Check out the latest trailer below:

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  • Oh really now the long-dormant franchise is ready to reemerge on PSVR headsets. Thanks for this information.

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