Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is coming to an end with its third episode soon, which ILMxLab says is set to arrive on November 21st on both Rift and Quest platforms.

Over the course of its two previous episodes, ILMxLab & Oculus’ co-venture into cinematic VR storytelling has not only offered up an astonishingly well-realized VR experience, featuring the cinematic world of Star Wars in a way we’ve frankly never experienced before, but has also brought some pretty surprising replay value to the table with its Lightsaber Dojos.

We’re more than a little sad that it has to come to an end so soon, but also earnestly excited to see the conclusion of what has proved to be a high point in the VR medium.

‘Star Wars Vader Immortal - Episode 2’ Review – Shorter Story, Awesome Dojo Action

The studio reveals in an Oculus blog post that in Episode III we’re again taken to the fiery world of Mustafar. The studio teases that you’ll “need to use everything they’ve learned so far—both in and out of the Lightsaber Dojo—if they hope to battle their way to the epic conclusion.”

If you’ve played both previous episodes, than you know you’re not only in for lightsaber melee, but also a few force powers such as force push, force grab, and a few other force-related fighting techniques that combine the two.

The blog post also included what appears to be concept art featuring some large-scale battles between Imperial forces and rebels. Take a gander below:

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  • Jarilo

    I like how the releases are this close to one another. Though, it does make it feel like it was cut up into pieces rather than developed this way. Whocares though, they are great experiences. I hope there is more than three but I’ve got the feeling it’s the conclusion.

  • fcpw

    Wish these episodes were a lot longer considering price but I guess this is the status of gaming on Quest for the moment.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I like when a dev doesn’t delay in releases in attempts to generate hype for revenue.These guys are classy.Easy twenty dollar games for on!y ten.And cross buy too.Jesusaves!

    • Pablo C

      I also praise Ixcuiname for this

    • sebrk

      On point!

  • sebrk

  • Yeshaya

    Will this one also have a saber dojo or just the campaign?

  • The Bard

    They want to milk us out of money. 2 short episodes, already paid 20 USD. Too much. The 2nd episode was kind of boring. The developer should significantly increase the quality of graphics for PC VR.

  • Obviously the people here haven’t read the reviews on the store. Omigoodness this episode must be either priced less than Episode 2 by a BIG amount, or the amount of content for E3 needs to be like twice the size of E1 and 2 COMBINED. I felt SO ripped off by the length of E2, and so did almost every reviewer on the store. There was almost nothing in episode 2, story wise, it was WAY too short. I loved it, but I loved it for about 30 minutes and then I was done with the story. The first Episode was short, but it was more than a walking simulator. E2 was utter garbage, and I hope they can crawl back out of the hole they created.

  • Adrian Meredith

    I thought ep 1 was amazing but ep2 was really disappointing. 1. it was really short 2. unnecessarily introducing new mechanics e.g. force powers when we hadn’t even really started to use the light sabre yet. 3. immediately removing darth vader from the plot.

    I’m hoping this is good but I’m expecting it to be even shorter and the face that now its introducing ANOTHER new mechanic (blasters) makes me feel like its going to be really shallow again.

    Its also pretty obvious at this point that they’ve artifically cut ep2 short in order to fleece us out of more money.

    I’ll forgive them if they have a better dojo that allows you to move around this time or even a coop fight like raylo’s fight in the last jedi would be cool (the only part of last jedi that was even close to being enjoyable)

  • JesuSaveSouls


  • JesperL

    Cool but too short, especially #2.. Hopefully they deliver more on the last

  • Richard Servello

    This series is a joke. If it weren’t for the established characters it would have nothing going for it. It’s a tutorial stage wrapped in fan service. Only good thing is… It’s SO SHORT you can refund it after completion.

  • Nowhereman

    So basically after you spend $30.00 for all 3 episodes your only getting 2 1/2 to 3 hours of gameplay? Sorry but that’s a terrible value even if it’s a good experience. it would be worth it around $10.00 or less.

  • Randy V.

    I have had fun with the previous two, look forward to playing this one as well. Good stuff.