Bandai Namco Designer Michael Murray has dropped some fairly major hints that their forthcoming Tekken 7 will not feature a full, fighting ‘VR mode’ for the game proper when it ships next year supporting Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

If when you read that classic fighting franchise Tekken was bringing its latest instalment to PlayStation VR you thought “That’s probably not going to work”, it seems Bandai Namco agrees with you.

Alluding to a hidden mode in Tekken 2 on the original PlayStation which, when engaged, would enable a first person perspective from which you could dole out your super moves, designer Michael Murray has heavily hinted that Tekken 7‘s forthcoming PlayStation VR support will not be action based.

“When we announced that we’re going to do something with virtual reality, people were like ‘oh, so you’re going to be playing in first person and hitting each other? That sounds like crap!'”, said Murray – speaking to WIRED at Paris Game Week in October. “The only hints we could probably give is that Tekken is ultimately all about the characters. You want to see the cool characters, the cute female characters like Lucky Chloe, and we have all kinds of customisation for them and they have all these cool techniques that are motion captured…. something that would allow people to enjoy the game in that aspect maybe is about all we can say.”

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So, in short, Tekken 7’s VR support will likely be limited to a character viewer of sorts, from which players can ogle their favourite players. This is probably a wise choice as the thought of immersive entertainment newbies being juggle combo’d into submission inside PlayStation VR sounds like a guaranteed recipe for a vomit storm.


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  • Adam Sawers

    But, it would be amazing in third person, from the gallery… Or at table top scale….

    • jacobpederson

      Second this! There is absolutely no reason to limit the VR functionality to a character viewer. Nobody in their right mind ever thought it was going to be first person anyways. A well done 3rd person camera for VR would be Amazing!