Tequila Works today announced that their VR murder mystery game The Invisible Hours (2017) is making its way to Oculus Quest “soon,” the studio says.

The Invisible Hours offers up a unique time-bending gameplay mechanic, which lets the user freely explore the complex Clue-style ‘whodunit’ as an apparition—sort of like an immersive theater piece that you can control, rewind, and experience at your own pace. You follow suspects around and slowly unravel the multi-thread murder mystery.

The Invisible Hours is also a triumph in character animation and overall graphical fidelity. In a Gamasutra post, the creators speak a little about the game’s traditional facial and motion capture of live actors.

“On the shoot, we had to track data very, very carefully: the project amounts to an unprecedented 2,240,000 frames of character data in Motion Builder. As such, it proved to be one of the most complex motion capture shoots in videogame history. But once processed, it was a relatively conventional pipeline to assemble the data inside the engine.”

There’s no timeframe on the Quest port yet, only “soon.”

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  • Roger Bentley

    will it have crossbuy????

    • jimmy

      I hope so

  • martin

    a great VR experience. although the blurriness did affect it, i constantly had to get up close to characters to appreciate the acting. I hope Tequila Works do a good job optimizing it.

    • This worries me a little… it’s a really incredible VR experience, but it did look terrible on PSVR. I’ve not got much hope for them optimising it well on Quest.

      • martin

        based on Tequila Works history of optimization, im not very hopeful

  • Michael Vengoechea

    They should fix their steam version for the Valve index first. They abandoned it and wont reply to emails.

  • mirak

    One of the most memorable VR game I played.

    It’s so immersive and captivating.