Valheim, the Viking-themed survival game in early access on PC, doesn’t feature official support for VR headsets. Shortly after its release in early February though, modders got started on letting VR users take their first steps into the game’s impressively large fantasy world.

The unofficial modpack was created by Brandon Mousseau and lets you play from the first-person perspective via a SteamVR-compatible headset.

Check out some early beta gameplay below, courtesy of YouTuber ‘Gamertag VR’.

You’ll need a few things besides a legit copy of the game to get playing. Firstly, you’ll need the BepInExPack, an installer that allows you to load custom code. From there, you simply download and install the VHVR mod, which is hosted over at NexusMods. If you’ve never installed a mod for Valheim, Mousseau also created a handy step-by-step installation guide.

If you already had time to mess around with the mod, Mousseau  notes that VHVR’s initial release featured some incompatibilities found with an existing BepInEx plugin packaged with the Vortex manager version of the game. This has since been fixed in subsequent releases.

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A few things that probably won’t change in the near-term about VHVR though are issues that naturally arise when playing a game that wasn’t initially created for VR. The game relies heavily on typical non-VR menus and inventory schemes, which can be frustrating to use. It’s also all about building, which doesn’t look like a really fluid experience in VR.

Although motion controllers aren’t supported, Mousseau says they’re currently in the works, so instead of playing via keyboard input, you’ll soon be able to dispatch trolls with your own two hands. We’re looking forward to more VR-centric design patches in the coming weeks. You can keep tabs on development in the NexusMod sub-forum for VHVR.

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  • Collin Drennen

    Is it KB+M only, or are game controllers also supported?

    • Andrew Jakobs


      • Collin Drennen

        Yes, I did. This news was posted on Reddit yesterday, and it was stated gamepad support was included. I did not see that information stated here, hence my asking

  • dogtato

    the building probably isn’t any worse in vr. yeah, shaky hands will make some precision placements harder, but with motion controllers you can also stick your hand around things to reach otherwise hard-to-reach surfaces to snap to. may have to try this out if only for the sailing

    • Frankie Hanlon

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