Exclusive: Validating an Experimental Shortcut Interface with Flaming Arrows & Paper Planes

Have Leap Motion and a VR headset? Try the demo yourself.


Mixing & Matching

Since each hand can change modes independently, quickly mixing and matching hands can create interesting combinations of abilities.

Double Plane Hands

Equipping the plane ability on both hands lets you create new planes rapidly, throwing them in interesting overlapping arcs and curves.

Free Hand and Time Hand

You can use one hand to slow time while using the other free hand to gently tap or grab planes.

Bow Hand and Time Hand

One hand slows time and the flight of planes, while the other picks them off with arrows from the bow hand.

Double Time Hand

Using time abilities on both hands lets you stack their effects, slowing time to one-ninth normal speed.

Double Bow Hands

Equipping the bow ability on both hands initially let you use two individual pinch bows. This was fun but we thought we could do a little better. Two-handed bows are a staple of VR gaming today, taking full advantage of physical movement with 6 DoF input. So, when both hands have the bow ability enabled, pinching with the left hand will expand a larger slightly offset bow, while pinching with the right hand will spawn and notch flaming arrows!

Holding both pinches lets a user aim their arrows using two pivot points, allowing much greater control and accuracy.

In using the two-handed bow we initially required the user to pinch near the bowstring with their right hand to notch a new flaming arrow, then pull back and release to launch it. However, we found that letting users pinch anywhere to notch a new arrow, while a little less realistic, reduced arm fatigue. It also let them fire flaming arrows at an incredibly high rate by rapidly tapping their index fingers and thumbs together. Interestingly, some users reported being able to do this action quicker than they could click a mouse or press a mechanical button.

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  • Molmir

    If Oculus can get Leap Motion handtracking, stereo-AR-passthrough, Googles high-res standalone display, and eyetracking added to the final third version of Santa Cruz for Oculus Connect this year they will have a killer product.

    • Luke

      I prefere killer applications for actual oculus rift other than new killer products (there will be always something better that others will place on the market).
      …but killer applications do the story of a company.

    • dk

      optional pc connection also will be huge
      …..btw pass through has problems like latency and high video quality that r hard to solve

    • They are already working on their own hands tracking

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  • Awesome

  • Mal1t1a

    I just finished trying out this experiment. It’s quite neat! I have never actually tried using my Leap Motion with my HTC Vive and this was quite special. I felt like I finally had the realistic hand tracking I wanted (with exception to the limited FoV). Combined with a simple to use interface. In particular, I especially enjoyed how it felt like a smooth VR experience. My actions and motions really felt like I was throwing a paper airplane.