Valve announced that Index, the company’s high-end, enthusiast-level VR headset, is going up for pre-order today. Not only that, but there’s also a few extra accessories you might want if you’re going to throw down the $1,000 for the full kit, or just $500 for the headset alone. Among them is an adapter that unites the headset’s DisplayPort connector, power cable, and USB 3.0 into a single VirtualLink USB Type-C port.

Valve is selling the adapter for $40, and says that it has full functionality with VirtualLink Type-C ports, as well as some slightly limited functionality with DP alternate mode ports such as Thunderbolt 3, which sacrifices the headset’s camera passthrough capability.

Take note: not all USB-C ports are created equal. VirtualLink port labeling has been sporadic, although a majority of RTX 2070, and all NVIDIA cards above it include it. It appears only the RTX 2060 Founders Edition card from NVIDIA includes VirtualLink, as all other OEMs opted to exclude it their variants. Very few laptops have VirtualLink itself, however many do feature Thunderbolt 3. If you’re unsure of which USB Type-C port you have, make sure to refer to your owner’s manual.

Image courtesy Valve

In case you’re just joining us, VirtualLink was unveiled last year by a consortium made up of Valve, NVIDIA, AMD, HTC, Oculus, and Microsoft, and while the port has found its way into some pretty high-end gear, the same can’t be said for its adoption on the VR hardware side of things.

USB-C VR Extension Adapter for Rift & Windows VR Coming Soon From Accell

There’s currently no headset on the market that makes direct use of the ‘next generation’ VR connection standard. This largely makes sense considering the new generation of VR headsets is still sticking to more or less the same recommended specs from years prior. Although as headsets invariably make gains in resolution (mitigated somewhat by foveated rendering hopefully), it’s possible GPUs, both desktop and laptop variants, will continue their move towards VirtualLink integration as the flagships of today invariably become the min specs of tomorrow.

Looking for more info on Valve Index? Head over to our extensive hands-on to learn all about it.

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  • Andrew Jakobs

    huh? there’s more than enough content to go and use your Index. And it’s still not the end of June, so maybe a lot of developers are readying their dedicated software so when the headsets arrive their games will be released. Just like Valve hasn’t released their flagship VR game, which will also be released on June 28th.

    • Malkmus

      “Valve hasn’t released their flagship VR game, which will also be released on June 28th.”

      You state this as fact. Is there something you know or are you just assuming this? Because the official word from Valve is “later this year” which more sounds like several months.

      • immersive_computing

        There is no confirmed release date for any Valve software to accompany the Index.

        As someone who managed to successfully place a Valve Index pre-order (many didn’t due to issues with Steam when the pre-orders went live yesterday) I look forward to having some Valve software to use with my new headset….eventually ;)

      • Ryan Dodge

        Keep dreaming…. For the moment Valve is going to depend on Facebook in making decent VR games.

        • Malkmus

          Not sure why you’re replying to me. I was the one saying a game isn’t coming anytime soon.

    • JustNiz

      >> flagship VR game, which will also be released on June 28th.

      Where are you getting this info from? Please post a link.

  • Mrfox Babbit

    Being Canadian saved me $1500+, so its back to the old waiting game. Probably wait until this matures a little anyway.

    Also reports of god rays is a big last gen turn off, would love to see some thorough reviews.

    • Marci

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  • The Bard

    I have Samsung Odyssey+ which you can still get for just and only 299$. I would maybe like Index with much wider FOV of 130, 120Hz refresh rate and better controller tracking, with worse LCD screen, but not for 1000 USD. This price is insane. If it would be for 450-550 USD….hmm…fine. I would understand – 200-250 USD more than for Odyssey+ now.
    But 1000 USD is no no. It is not even 2160k x 2160k future panel like HP Reverb. Certain people, I guess those who have Vive/Vive Pro crap will update to it, but not those who have Odyssey+. Waiting for Samsung’s move as I suspect this will be strong very soon :)

    • dk

      well the odyssey is great but without the sale it’s 500 ….the cheapest the index can be is 700-800 ….the tracking system in the headset and controllers is really complex to produce and u have the base stations and the linkbox and the batteries in the controllers and it comes with something like 5 chargers if it’s 2 chargers for the 2 controllers

      • The Bard

        Still better than Index and all other headsets on the market. My only complain is losing tracking due to Windows shit tracking driver. Odyssey+ is the best still. Waiting for Odyssey 2.

        • dk

          curved display giving u an advantage is nonsense …but yes samsung might release something great …but might take a while the + was pretty recent

      • Sion12

        Its currently $360 at Amazon and you can get $50 off so £310 for quite a while. yet you want to compare Odyssey at full price but Index at $750 by assuming you already has the base station? pretty biased isnt it?

        and sure tracking on index better but isnt $600 better? especially with the hassle and space required to set up the base station

        • dk

          no I don’t wan’t to compare the full price
          the guy was saying if o+ is 300 and compared to that index should be 450-550
          which is just nonsense

          • Fabian

            It should be Valves problem if they need a ton of extra pieces for that thing to work. I will not pay for their failure

          • dk

            sure it’s super high price

      • Etailer

        There is only 2 chargers for the 2 controllers

        • dk

          the others r not “chargers” the psu for the 2 base stations and the vive itself has power to the linkbox picclickimgDOTcom/d/l400/pict/163235197380_/HTC-Vive-VR-Headset-Launch-Edition.jpg

    • Etailer

      Maybe the Index headset will go on sale for $299.99. Have fun waiting….

      • The Bard

        If it goes for 299 I will buy it too.

  • JustNiz

    There are currently 4072 SteamVR games on steam. Is that not enough for you?

  • Dara

    Does anyone know if this’ll work with the Rift S or even the Vive (Pro)?

  • Etailer

    Dream on…..

  • Popin

    Sadly, the Virtual Link adapter got canceled today. :( at least Valve refunded the full purchase price to the original payment method and also gave a Steam wallet credit on top of that.