VR Combat Sandbox ‘Blade & Sorcery’ Heading to Steam Early Access in December, Trailer Here


Blade and Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox from indie developer WarpFrog which is aiming to bring realism to VR combat. Including a physics-driven interaction and combat system, players can expect to master melee, ranged, and magic-based combat against plenty of squishy, and stab-friendly NPCs.

Blade and Sorcery is slated to launch on Steam Early Access sometime in December, targeting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows VR headsets.

At launch of Early Access, the game is said to include:

  • 3 Maps (Home, Arena and Ruins)
  • 8 Weapons (swords, dagger, shield, axes, spear, bow)
  • 3 spells (Slowing time, Telekinesis and Lightning)
  • 3 enemy archetype (fighters, rangers and mages)
  • 2 enemy styles (Gladiator and Cult)
  • Avatar customization
  • Jumping, kicking, running
  • Free locomotion
  • Modding game data (player/weapon/npc stats, AI, NPC look, waves logic, etc.)”

The studio says Blade and Sorcery pushes for a more realistic combat style by giving objects weight that follow the laws of physics, dictating collisions via “fine” hitboxes, by giving creatures full body physics, and by giving blades the ability to penetrate soft materials or deflect magic.

WarpFrog says that through Steam Early Access, the studio hopes to eventually evolve the game from a combat sandbox “into something with more depth.” The game is said to launch with some moddable features, but they plan to add support for custom maps, new weapons and even the possibility for modders to add new game modes.

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The studio maintains that Early Access could last between six months to two years depending of the success of the game, which will impact the scope.

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  • Ben Smith

    This game is amazing, hopefully the developer works on it for years to come. It’s a gamechanger.

    • get lost

      really? What is a gamechanger? The dummy faces or the poor graphics??

      • 3872Orcs

        Not sure if trolling… This is a one man developed indie game, expecting AAA quality is unreasonable. Also VR is demanding, simple graphics is less taxing to run smoothly. I’m sure lots of work can be done to make it prettier and improve fps, though that is a time consuming job in itself. The “gamechanger” here is the physics. Not many VR games has this kind of melee physics interaction. Only VR game I can think about is Gorn. Just think about the melee combat in a game like SkyrimVR, it’s not very good. Physics interactions like in Blade and Sorcery would improve the fun and immersion in SkyrimVR by a lot.

        • Henree

          exactly….this would be great as a Skyrim MOD but is it a full game? NO.

  • nasprin

    Wow that looks like a next level Gorn without rubber sausages as weapons! I’ll definitely check it out, looks promising.

  • Rand

    Man… I gotta get this game!

  • Pablo C

    I don´t get how weapon physics can be different from other games like SkyrimVR….?

    • jj

      look up the game Gorn

      • Pablo C

        too bloddy for VR… can you elaborate please?

        • jj

          too bloody?? what

          and yes I can explain!

          Some games have your weapon pass right through other objects because there is no way for a game to physically stop your hand from making that movement.

          Other games like gorn have a more physics related weapon system where if you sword comes into contact with another game item, its virtual position remains blocked by the virtual object even if you real hand continues. So its almost like a ghostly, disconnecting thing where ur hand is in one place, but ur in game hand is in another up until your hand is in a location the sword can be in as well.

          So the ghost and disconnection sound odd, but its a lot more realistic in game than a player being able to just flail their sword in and out without ever being stopped.

          you tube gorn and the effect should be pretty obvious especially if youve tried skyrim vr.

          • Pablo C

            I´m amazed that it feels more natural to have the sword stuck, but I guess we are just discovering “VR feelings”.

          • jj

            well you’re just discovering… everyone else has tried gorn over a year ago

          • Pablo C

            I mean: recently discovered by game developers.

  • sfmike

    Looks great. Just needs better maps on those store dummy faces as they screw up immersion.

  • doug

    0:20 “True magic physics” (?)

    • Claudio

      Love it :D

  • get lost

    Dummy faces or the poor graphics… just another VR garbage. Meamwhile, real games like the evil within 2, god of war, red dead redemption 2, etc… are getting further and further away from VR. As VR enthusiast myself, my heart sink to the botton every time I go to steam and see the pile of VR sh**t, that are release every day by incompetent talentless people just trying to make a quick bucks…

    • Raphael

      Just because another low-budget VR game hits steam doesn’t mean VR gaming is collapsing. Rockstar Games ported one game to VR and it looks like they plan to do more.

      Steam is an unregulated mess. They should separate the first game creation attempts from the genuine content.

      • Henree

        there are only low-budget cash grab games.

  • Raphael

    2 hours to complete…

  • Henree

    looks like fighting mechanics without a real game to contain them.