Minecraft VR (Vivecraft Immersion MC)

Modded VR port | Released

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A new add-on mod for Vivecraft (an unofficial VR port of Minecraft Java) came out a few weeks ago and adds a lot to immersion while playing Minecraft fully in VR. The mod makes it so you seldom have to open a menu to do most things. It also gives you a Half-Life Alyx-like gravity gloves ability to pick things up, lets you craft in-world (not in a menu), you can directly pick up stuff, and more!

Raft VR

Modded VR port | Released

DrBibop (the creator of the incredible Risk of Rain 2 VR mod) released a VR port for the deep, overwhelmingly positive rated co-op survival game that just exited early access.

The mod features full motion controls and a lot of love has gone into the mod to make Raft a great experience in VR. As with DrBibop’s Risk of Rain 2 VR mod (and many of our other multiplayer Flat2VR mods), the Raft VR mod allows you to play with non-VR players too (a fantastic feature to always have people to play with as VR is still growing and not all your friends may have VR yet).

Deep Rock Galactic VR

Modded VR port | Released

After the Deep Rock Galactic developers gave their full blessing to create a VR mod and even did some things to help us, the Deep Rock Galactic VR mod has been shaping up wonderfully!

This last month, the mod was updated with physical ax swinging when mining, feet tracking and more! An update is expected to release any day now that will also allow VR players to be able to join any lobby with non-VR players and play together.

Kerbel Space Program VR

Modded VR port | Released

Build a spaceship, fly it and conquer space all in VR! Every switch, button & throttle can all be toggled and controlled with full motion control support now! The KSP beta was released this month and has been seeing a lot of nice QOL updates already.

Resident Evil 2, 3 & 7 VR

Modded VR port | Released

Capcom updated Resident Evil 2, 3, & 7 with Ray Tracing support (which initially broke all existing mods since they all moved to the RE 8: Village engine). Thankfully, it didn’t take long before master modder Praydog updated them all to support VR again.

Another notable companion mod to RE 7 VR came out this month which adds 4k textures. Since this is the oldest game in the series, the new textures make a huge difference bringing it close to the graphics of RE 8 Village when in VR.


Modded VR port | Released

If you haven’t tried Spartan’s incredible GTFO VR mod in a while, it continues to get better and better!

First, the game officially left early access with a ton of new features. Then the mod itself keeps getting new features. This past month, Spartan added two-handed support, iron sights, bHaptics, and more!

Assetto Corsa VR Mod

Add-on for official VR port | Released

Perhaps not the most ‘useful’ mod for winning a race, but still quite cool! This mod adds full motion-controlled hands to racing sim Assetto Corsa and lets you wave to other cars (or give them a certain finger), adjust your mirrors, control your GPS, change gears, etc.

Assetto Corsa already has basic VR support, but this mod gives just a little more immersion when stepping into the seat of your favorite car. AC has a huge modding community with thousands of additional cars and tracks that all work in VR. You can race through wooded country-sides, through large cities, or on just about any race track that’s ever existed in the world.

Slime Ranchers VR

Modded VR port | Coming Soon

The addicting zany alien farming sim Slime Ranchers is getting a VR mod thanks to modder Tran Fox! The Slime Ranchers devs created an official VR experience a few years back, but was very short and ended just when things got started (very much a cruel teaser). This VR mod is for the full game and you will be able to do everything in VR that you can do on flatscreen!

Left 4 Dead 2 VR mod

Modded VR port | Released

The last VR mod to be mentioned this month is the Left 4 Dead 2 VR mod with full motion control support. It’s not surprising that the Valve game that inspired many after it like After The Fall, etc. is a great and addicting formula for a VR game.

The VR mod is still in beta, but is coming along quite nicely! It’s quite playable, supports 6DOF, basic motion controls and multiplayer support on non-VAC (Valve’s anti-cheat) servers. Physical swinging with melee weapons is in testing and will release very soon.

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    Awesome article, I love that you are including the Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR mods since those have a pretty active modding community and they make for incredibly compelling VR experiences. Frankly I’d argue in some ways they make the games even more immersive than Alix thanks to their open world nature.

    Definitely going to be trying out that L4D2 mod now that I saw the video!

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