sony-ps4-vr-headset-project-morpheusFor developers who have predominantly worked in traditional screen-based game development, moving into development for VR titles can be a journey full of surprises, requiring new ways of approaching existing gameplay conceits and presenting many fresh opportunities for interaction and gameplay.

As the senior game designer for Project Morpheus, Jed Ashforth has spent several years exploring this exciting new frontier and compiling a new set of guidelines and best practices for how to approach, and make best use of, the new gameplay paradigms that virtual reality represents. In this presentation, he will discuss how we need to reboot our existing design assumptions to start unlocking the mind-blowing potential of this new medium, and will look at many of the new areas and opportunities that VR opens up to game designers.


  • Jed Ashforth, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)

Paul James will be live blogging the talk direct from VRTGO 2014, updates should appear below, no need to refresh your browser.

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