The immensely fun virtual reality wizarding simulator Waltz of the Wizard for HTC Vive has been updated with a new two player feature that lets a second non VR player join you in your spell-casting shenanigans.

Social features are seemingly on the rise for virtual reality games, after a period of time where the mass media seemed pre-occupied with labelling the technology as primarily isolationist and solitary. Titles which let players not wearing virtual reality headsets in particular are finding an audience though, ironically, as party games – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and the more recent Black Hat Cooperative being great examples.
waltz-of-the-wizard-2Now, the free-to-play spell-casting sandbox title Waltz of the Wizard from Aldin Dynamics, a title our own Scott Hayden said showed “a level of intention and craftsmanship that’s on par with many paid games and experiences out now for Vive”, has added a feature that allows a non VR player to join the main protagonist via mouse, keyboard and monitor.

The second player can enter the environment, appearing as a floating, burning skull, fire projectiles at the primary player and generally become an annoyance to the primary spellcaster. What’s more, you can engage the mode silently without the VR player’s knowledge by hitting F1 on the keyboard.


The new update also bring with it a new ‘Teleportation Mode’ and various big fixes and improvements. Waltz of the Wizard is available on Steam now for the HTC Vive.

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  • Mettanine

    New teleportation SCENE… not mode. :)

  • JustNiz

    Right now its just a sandbox/demo. Are they ever going to turn this into an actual game?