The Game Developers Conference (GDC) was supposed to take place this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, however it was postponed amidst the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) alongside basically every conference relevant to the industry this year. Facebook typically holds a number of developer talks there, but thankfully the company is letting them out for free today in recompense.

The talks address a number of issues that would-be VR developers should definitely consider, including business practices, the future of multiplayer VR games, and best practices for launching VR games.

You can check them all out below. Now just pretend you bought a $15 club sandwich and a $6 Diet Coke and you’ll feel like you haven’t missed a single thing in San Francisco.

VR Business Best Practices

Summary: With last year’s launch of Quest and Rift S, VR is stronger than ever. Head of Developer Relations Dan Morris gives a no-holds-barred look at where we are with VR today, including what’s working, what’s breaking through, and what will happen next. That’s followed by Product Manager Greg Smith, who talks about some of the new impactful tools our developers can use to successfully market their games. From the benefits of a multiplatform launch and tips on how to properly scope your game to optimizing your promotional strategy and more, Morris and Smith offer a number of best practices to ensure your VR titles are positioned for success.

The Future of Playing Together and Where Multiplayer is Going in VR

Summary: Just like in traditional games, multiplayer titles are becoming an increasingly important part of the VR ecosystem. Product Manager Mike Howard and Content Launch Manager Bruce Wooden preview upcoming social features for the Oculus Platform and discuss lessons learned and best practices that are invaluable for those looking to bring the longevity and dynamics of online experiences to VR. Howard and Wooden addressed the community-building benefits of asynchronous multiplayer features and VR’s ability to move games beyond the screen. They predict the future of multiplayer VR is competitive, friction-less, and community-driven.

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Best Practices for Launching Games on Oculus

Summary: Join Store Operations Manager Richard Duck to hear tips and tricks on how to successfully launch games on Oculus and help them stand out in the store. You’ll also learn what goes into a game submission review and common mistakes to avoid to help make your submission process smoother. Whether it’s testing on the right hardware, debugging your app prior to submission, or determining the optimum launch plan, Duck delivers tips and tricks to help ensure your success on the Oculus Store.

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    Wait… only 3 talks? That can’t be right?

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