Windlands Now Available on Steam Early Access


Windlands, a first-person exploration game from Psytech Games, is now available for purchase on Steam Early Access. The game is currently on sale for $15.99, and returns to the normal price of $19.99 after January 15th.

After generating over $20k in a successful Indiegogo campaign in fall of 2014 and subsequently being greenlit on Steam, Windlands is today available for early access on the Steam platform.

Buy ‘Windlands’ on Steam Early Access

The game is an awesome mix of high-flying architecture and meditative gameplay, offering beautiful and surprisingly large levels that keep you pining to reach for the top. Your twin grappling hooks practically compel you to constantly move forward and upward through the ruins of a fallen civilization.

Windlands currently supports both Oculus Rift DK2 and HTC Vive Developer Edition, with future support aimed at both respective consumer versions.

Check back for our preview of Windlands in the following days.

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