Zero Latency’s new installation at the MGM Grand’s massive Level Up gaming lounge marks another positive milestone for the Melbourne-based company and out-of-home VR technology. The Las Vegas facility opens on September 8th, offering untethered, eight-player VR entertainment across a 2,000 square-foot arena.

The out-of-home VR entertainment market has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years, and Zero Latency has been at the forefront, having shown promising early prototypes of the technology back in 2013. Their first arena opened in 2015, followed by installations in Tokyo, Madrid and Orlando. A major funding boost in 2016 resulted in significant growth, with six arenas already operating in the USA; the company expects to have 20 facilities worldwide by the end of the year.

“When it comes to playing games, and exploring new worlds in virtual reality, more people means more fun,” said Zero Latency CEO Tim Ruse. “Technology can often be isolating but we are determined to continue to design games and experiences that bring people together to have mind-blowing VR adventures and forge real memories that can last a lifetime. We’re excited to bring this experience to Las Vegas, our first West Coast location.”

One of the largest hotels in the world, and situated in the heart of Las Vegas, the famous MGM Grand is undoubtedly a prime location for a multiplayer VR installation. As explained on the new VR page of the hotel’s website, guests can choose from three games, Zombie Survival, Singularity and Engineerium for a 30-minute experience. Players can move around tether-free thanks to the Alienware backpack PCs powering OSVR HDK2 headsets fitted with a custom ‘warehouse-scale’ tracking solution.

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“We were looking to bring a unique entertainment element to MGM Grand and found the perfect fit with Zero Latency, ” said President and COO of MGM Grand Scott Sibella. “This company creates virtual reality gaming experiences using astounding technology. There is simply nothing like this anywhere in Las Vegas and we’re proud that MGM Grand is the first in the city to roll out an exciting and fun virtual ‘wow moment’ for our guests.”

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  • Foreign Devil

    has Road to VR ever done a review of these arena VR experiences? I’ve seen some previews but never read any reviews of the finished commercial experience.

    • TheGPT

      Strangely I had trouble finding any reviews as well. I eventually gave just gave it a try when I was in Orlando. I played Singularity and found it to be pretty fun.