We’ve got some fresh new images straight from Avegant showing their plans for their upcoming VRD (Virtual Retina Display) based HMD, Glyph.

Avegant Glyph: The First Mass-market VRD HMD

CES 2014 is now underway, with news tidbits starting to appear ahead of and these new infographics and CG Renders of Avegant‘s new transforming DLP based Head Mounted Display and Headphone combo give’s a nice insight into the company’s target market. It also neatly summarises the HMD’s primary features. Included in the below are individually adjustable optics, and a very rough approximation of that stunning Virtual Retina Display that so wowed Ben when he experienced it at Engadget: Expand recently. We’ll have a hands-on preview with an early version of the device and interview with Avegant for you soon. In the mean time, enjoy the images and remember to follow us on Twitter as we cover CES 2014 direct from Las Vegas, we’ll be updating.

Avegant-Virtual-Retinal-Display-Infographic Avegant-Optics-Included-Infographic Avegant-Shaper-and-Superior-Images-Infographic Avegant-One-Cord-All-Media-Infographic Avegant-Goes-where-you-go-Infographic Avegant-Best-Seat-in-the-House-Infographic Avegant-Audio-Infographic Avegant-Watch-Listen-Wear-Infographic

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