‘Alien: Rogue Incursion’ Finally Announced From Veteran VR Studio, Set for Late 2024


We’ve been waiting patiently for veteran VR studio Survios to finally offer up some details on its next game, and today we finally have them. Alien: Rogue Incursion is described as a “single-player, action-horror VR game,” with an “all-new storyline full of heart-pounding action, exploration, and terrifying Xenomorphs.”

Almost two full years after Survios confirmed development on an Alien game in partnership with 20th Century Games, the studio has now confirmed the game’s title, target platforms, and release window.

Alien: Rogue Incursion is planned for a release date of “holiday 2024” (so very likely early December). The game will be released on PSVR 2 and PC VR, and for Quest our understanding is it will be exclusively available on Quest 3.

“Our team at Survios are huge fans of Alien and have been building Alien: Rogue Incursion for a long time, honing our ability to pair the most technically advanced, immersive, and engaging VR experiences with best-in-class franchises,” says TQ Jefferson, Chief Product Officer at Survios. “This fully original story embraces all our favorite elements from 45 years of Alien, from kinetic action and heart-pounding exploration to our terrifyingly resourceful Xenomorphs that will truly make your skin crawl. We can’t wait for fans to get their hands on it this holiday season.”

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  • dextrovix

    The MotherVR mod of Alien Isolation is the closest I could get to an Alien experience in VR, and as this presumably has proper hand control and immersion using it, then I’m looking forward to some terror that feels palpable. And an in-universe motion tracker in my hand, will feel better to me than any VR gun for true Alien immersion.

    But, what I’m not looking for is an Alien shooting gallery only. I want a story, I want Aliens to be scary, not just appear on screen to be shot (I’m thinking of you, Colonial Marines …).

    I have my concerns and hey, it might turn out to be great. But I can’t tell what this will look or play like, because the trailer gives away nothing of substance, other than a rough date.

    • Don’t forget the tracker pulse at the end!
      That’s what I’m looking forward to the most.
      []^ )

    • VR5

      Survios always make mechanically interesting games but with Westworld Awakening they also delivered on the narrative part. This is looking to be a follow up to that, as they’re again working with an (even more) high profile IP. So I’m optimistic on that front.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Yep, it’s still a shame they never finished the VR part of Alien Isolation. Wouldn’t even take developer more then a couple of days to add it, and could be sold as a DLC, and maybe even as a full game on the standalone platforms.

      • dextrovix

        Well, remember at that time DK2 was around without Touch controllers, so I think development-wise, it would have taken much longer if they were to add hand control. It also didn’t orientate the face to the screens as I recall. Now, if you mean you’d be happy with K&M or gamepad like we have, then yes I’d agree but it still would have only worked on the Oculus runtime at that time so SteamVR, which is very much cross-platform, would not be available. So irrespective there would have been a need for some of MotherVR’s changes , because apart from runtime translation to newer FaceRift runtimes that followed, it did mean it could pipe through SteamVR too for more headset support.

      • dextrovix

        But I do agree that I’d have paid for the DLC if that included a more polished VR experience at that time, even with limitations, because I wouldn’t have known better and of course VR in such a game with that much suspense was truly enthralling, and terrifying.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          I would even pay for it now, ofcourse it should have full motion controller support because k&m/joypad support only as it is now with the mod, is not acceptable for me to start playing it. I do already own it, as it has been on sale for mamy times and still is, but still haven’t played it due to no motioncontroller mod support.

          • Gonzax

            The game is amazing in VR even if you use a gamepad or play it with motion controllers (working as a gamepad).
            It’s still to this day one of the best VR experiences you can get.

          • dextrovix

            Once the game was released, the Creative Assembly team that built AI were disbanded as the title’s design of first person wasn’t a typical game for the company to develop, so another team would have to had taken on the additional VR requirement, which presumably Sega didn’t even consider undertaking. It’s a shame as it would have been a blockbuster to show off what VR could be to prospective HMD buyers in those early days, but it often takes a leap of faith that most companies can’t make without guaranteed returns, and therefore DLC just wasn’t considered in 2013 on release, despite people like you and me being at the front of the queue if it was announced.

          • NotMikeD

            First you go on to state with confidence how many days (<2) you think it should take a developer to polish a VR mode for a major release. Then you go on to say that you’ve ignored the masterpiece experience that is Alien Isolation in VR for all these years just because of some “motioncontrols ride-or-die” dogma?

            It’s like, where will the misinformation and bad decisions end with these posts?

    • uKER

      It’s an announcement video, not a trailer. Not even a teaser.
      Guess they’ll have to put something with actual content out sooner than later.

      • dextrovix

        Yes, it gives nothing away about content at all- all we know it it’s FPS which in VR titles in ten a penny. I do want more Alien in VR, definitely. But I don’t want something akin to endless wave shooters with aliens being thrown at me, it needs to be more nuanced than that. It’s why I enjoyed Alien Isolation so much, it was the atmosphere that kept pulling me back in. So I am looking forward to future updates on what sort of experience we’re going to have.

  • kakek

    I notice it says Quest 3 as plateform. Not meta quest in general, but specifically quest 3.
    I’m kinda unsure if this a good move. On one hand it could arguably allow the game to look better. And it’s still better than what Asgard Wrath 2 did ( Release on quest 2, but becomes unplayable due to poor performance in hte last part. )

    On the other hand, it validate that quests product have a life cycle of 3 years. 3 f***** years for a 500$ video game product. That on the same level as gaming PC GPUs. I think it was one year ago that Zuckerberg was telling us the quest 2 would be on the market for a while ?
    I though the point of mobile VR was to offer a console-like experience. Well, console switch gen once every 7 years.

    • ViRGiN

      Oh noes, fuck Meta, valve index is 5 years old and doesn’t need an upgrade! 111

      • kakek

        Challenge : defend meta’s decision to obsolete hardware every 3 years ( max, quest 1 didn’t even last that long ), and require forking out at least 500$ every three years.
        BUT you must not use arguments that could also be used to defend PCVR over mobile VR.

        • ViRGiN

          Quest 2 was never priced at $500
          It’s a mobile vr technology that constantly evolves
          All your rambling is based off a single logo at the end of video
          One developer deciding to make Q3 exclusive does not mean Meta dropped Quest 2 “so soon”
          The recommended PC you bought for your 2019 index is nowhere near enough to actually drive games at proper settings today
          Quest 1 is still perfectly fine, games were not taken away from anyone (except few singular titles; valve took away CSGO from everyone who paid for it; yes it was a paid game at first and was replaced with crappy CS2 with half the features missing and requiring far better hardware)
          PCVR is dead anyway

          If you aren’t ready to “fork out at least $500 every three years”, just get an index. There is no Index 2, there is no valve deckard, there is no valve vr. Just buy once and be safe forever.

          • kakek

            I rouded the price a little. Quest 2 was priced at 450, add a single accessory like a better headband and you’re at 500. Quest 3 start at 550. Averaging at 500 of new hardware seems honnest to me. That’s not an argument, you’re nitpicking.

            OF COURSE old hardware keep working. The opposite would be completely unacceptable, and possibly illegal. But the headset is effectively out when it stops receiving news games, wich happens progressively. This is the start of the process for Q2.

            The rest are arguments on why PCVR is worst in that respect. Wich I’m willing to concede.
            But it’s also my point : if being worst in that respect is what killed PCVR, is it a good move for Meta to go that way ?

            PCVR was always a market of enthusiasts. PC gaming in general has always required people to renew their hardware every 3 to 5 years. ( My 3060ti is still mostly running things OK. )
            We always knew it.
            But the quest is, for all intent and purpose, a console. It cannot use the argument of being for enthusiast, needing that short cycle to give the best possible experience. Because if that was what the consumer wanted, they would have gone for PCVR !

            It NEEDS to stay a low price, easy to use, longer shelf life product. Because that’s what made it’s success over PCVR !

            I’m not saying that to hate on meta for no reason. They are curently the best and more or less only VR actor on the market.

            And your obsecisve white knighting for them made you react to my post as if I had trash talked them. But I never said fuck’em, they’re trash and all …
            I said I’m abivalent. On one hand, I’m personally fine with the move, cause quest 2 games are simply too limited graphically to immerse me.
            On the other hand, I’m afraid this will alienate that wider base of the consumers, that have bought their Q2 in the last 2 years and will progressivel realise in the coming year that they already can’t play the latest titles that catch their eyes.

            Me, I will play it on steam with my Q2 anyway. My next hardware purchase will be upgrading my PC when the RTX 50xx become available ( I’ll see by them if I go AMD or stay nvidia ). And a Q4 in 3 years or so.

          • ViRGiN

            Quest 2 launched at $300, that is nowhere near $500, and all other accessories are entirely optional. As other user posted, Q2 is 4 years old, and still supported. Anyone who bought Q2 the past two years either understands they didn’t buy the latest, or are simply stupid. Q2 support isn’t going anywhere in the next 2 years either. Your whole argument is just stupid. Those who can’t upgrade to Q3 due to price, will apparently soon have the new Q3 lite or whatever at lower price.

            Pcvr market of enthusiasts? Every vr user is an enthusiast, mobile or not. Pcvr grand hit is gorilla tag. Is gorilla tag for enthusiasts?

            Pcvr is such a strange world. So many claim adoption is slow cause hardware is expensive (post covid chip shortage will still be dominant excuse for next 10 years), but somehow everyone ignores the millions of owners of already existing gaming pc not bothering to get a headset.

            If anyone expects their 4 year old headset to be future proof forever, well, they are just fools and need to be ignored. Quest is doing more than fine.

            Again all this started by you looking at quest 3 logo in the teaser. We knew starting from this year we will see games made exclusively for it.

        • namekuseijin

          My Quest 2 in its 4th year in the market is running all these games.

          Oh sure. This is a Q3-exclusive… like Townsmen used to be too…

        • Jonathan Winters III

          They do a 3 year refresh mainly because it’s bleeding edge tech quickly evolving that needs new releases to compete.

    • Nevets

      So you would like an out-dated mobile chipset to carry the burden of stale graphics for the large part of a decade? Personally, I would be happy with an upgrade interval of two years, though I know that wouldn’t be commercially viable. Even so – the swifter the advance of progress, the better. If I wanted my games to be held back by the lowest common denominator for many years, I’d buy from Nintendo.

      • kakek

        It would ( will ? ) alienate to many consumers and make VR a niche market of enthusiasts that can fork 500+ on new hardware every 3 years. In the name of better graphics.

        Fine, but that’s what killed PCVR.

        • ViRGiN

          PCVR was killed by valve monopoly, and gaybens loyality to one and only brand.

          PS. I do appreciate calling things the way they are, paraphrasing you did say PCVR is dead, which it absolutetly is and was for several years now.

          • kakek

            Man, you know me. I do not share your unyielding loyalty to meta, but I pride myself in argumenting from a place of objectivity, note hate or fanboyism.

            I never denied what the state of PCVR is. Dead, or almost. Not commercially viable in any way.
            And yet, that’s where I find 80% of my favorite VR experiences …
            I never cared that it was valve or meta. In term of enjoyement, mobile VR could only ever offer me a poor substitute of what RE 7 VR and HLA made me feel.
            That’s as factual as it’s commercial failure and it’s actual coma.

          • ViRGiN

            I don’t have loyalty to Meta either. I stated multiple times when something else comes out that is better and offer high end software, i would use it.
            Pcvr isn’t it, psvr2 isn’t it either, pico isn’t it either. There is no other choice other than Meta currently. I don’t buy my games on steam thinking I’ll want to play these outdated games on a future headset.
            Meta is the king and the leader, and that’s factual.

      • VR5

        If you want high budget games you need a healthy audience and people like you who will buy new hardware all the time are not numerous enough to support such a market. So this is a reasonable concern to have.

        • Arno van Wingerde

          Why not have tiers? Starters can be perfectly happy with playing a lot of games on Q2. People who want more go to Q3, Q4, Q2pro,AVP win-win for all!

          • VR5

            This is a good point. Q2 has a good library and anyone who recently bought into the platform still has that to explore.

    • Sven Viking

      Yeah this is why I’ve been telling people to consider their Quest 2 purchases carefully despite the great prices recently. Quest 3 Lite or whatever they call it should be announced at Connect for a cheaper upgrade path.

    • VR5

      As long as it remains the exception rather than the rule I think it’s okay. RE4 was worse for Quest 1 as it was a first party release (but Quest 1 also was a limited shipment test run for Quest 2) . Quest 2 mostly is on track to have the usual console cycle as an active platform lifetime, getting the highest budget games yet with Wrath II and AC: Nexus.

    • MeowMix

      it validate that quests product have a life cycle of 3 years. 3 f***** years for a 500$ video game product.

      4 f****** years, since the Quest2 released Q4 2020, and this game is releasing Q4 2024.

      Personally, I’m fine with it. Some games will target the bigger userbase of Quest2, others will target the smaller growing playerbase of the Q3/Q3-Lite

    • NL_VR

      There be other games you can play with quest 2.
      Good new games push for Quest 3, the end result will be better.

    • NotMikeD

      I can clearly picture in my mind Tim Cook doing the monkey side-eye walkaway to this comment..

  • This looks COOL

  • ZERO excuses:
    I’m expecting huge MOHAB-level things from this ….
    []^ )

  • XRC

    Excellent news. Big fan of the franchise, especially the first two films and also the excellent ZX Spectrum game which was terrifying. Day one purchase for me, no doubt!

  • kool

    This should at least be xo op.

    • Jonathan Pratte

      You will die alone like everyone else.

      • kool

        I already did that been living off an extra man for 20 years…

  • Nevets

    Will the graphics and creature detail be any good on Quest though? Red Matter 2 is a decent showcase of what Quest 3 is capable of, but there’s a big question mark over whether many other devs can or will invest the talent and resource to really push the hardware. Not to mention the constraint of battery limitation on available playtime.

  • gothicvillas

    If this is shooter gallery and not horror, I’ll be disappointed. Hopefully it is combo of both. But gotta be scary af!!