Codemasters, the EA studio behind the DiRT Rally franchise, announced that its off-road racing game EA Sports WRC is set to include VR support for its PC version next week.

Update (April 26th, 2024): Codemasters announced that its planned VR mode is coming to WRC on April 30th. This will be included as a free update for all PC players who already own the game via Steam, Epic, and the EA App.

The original article announcing PC VR support for WRC follows below:

Original Article (September 6th, 2023): The game is set to land on multiple platforms on November 3rd, including PS 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the EA App, Epic Store, and Steam, however VR support isn’t planned to be a launch day feature.

It’s not certain when the VR mode is coming to PC, although what is certain: it’s not coming to PSVR 2.

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Here’s what WRC’s Steam page says:

“Exclusive to PC. Feel the pure adrenaline of rally from the driver’s seat. Coming Post-launch.”

The studio also released the game’s initial reveal trailer, showing off some of the ability to design and drive your dream rally car thanks to the inclusion of Builder mode.

Codemasters says WRC also lets you “race and overcome recent events alongside real-world highlights and nostalgic throwbacks in Moments mode, or battle the elements across dirt, snow, and asphalt in the pursuit of the perfect run.”

Check out the trailer below:

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  • Arno van Wingerde

    Nice to see new games coming to an – according to some here – dead segment of the VR market.

    • ViRGiN

      It’s even nicer to see new games coming to an – according to many here – more alive than ever segment of VR market.
      Like, let’s look at somewhat high-end game like Crossfire.
      Game that looks better than Pavlov, Onward and Contractors combined. Crossfire Sierra Squad.
      Not dumbed down to run on Quest. Yet it peaked 64 players at release date. 9 players online right now. 27 players peak in the past 24 hours.

      Very inspiring!
      But let’s move into even higher quality. Game equal – or according to many – even better than Half Life Alyx – Vertigo 2. Peaked at 297 players on launch day, 19 players online now, 24 players peak in the past 24 hours.

      But let’s go a step further and compare it to Pavlov Shack – and let’s use OPTIONAL custom content through modding – 711 map – downloaded 12000+ times today alone.

      But VIRGIN! It it summer! Its hot out there! OBVIOUSLY there are fewer people playing VR in that period! It’s been true for years!!!111
      Sweat factories like Beat Saber has 624 players right now, Gorilla Tag 617.

      Yup. Nice to see.

      • ViRGiN

        Crossfire – literally 1 player
        Vertigo 2 – 12
        Gorilla Tag – 475
        Beat Saber – 203

        VRLFG reports 1984 players online combined. WTF PCVR? I guess school year started so all the kids are not using PCVR anymore.

        • CrusaderCaracal

          Where do you get this data from just out of curioisity

          • ViRGiN

            steamcharts, steamdb, vrlfg, there are plenty of pages analyzing everything steam related.

          • Gonzax

            From his ass, basically, like most of his comments

        • Arno van Wingerde

          I checked your numbers, just out of curiosity – I had 7 players,! Skyrim VR had 82 players but that is still pretty damning. I definitely see your point, but I am puzzled as to why this would be – surely not everybody is happy with the graphics quality of the Quest 1/2/3 on stand-alone? I for certain am not….

          • ViRGiN

            I’m perfectly happy what standalone provides given it’s limitations. But increasing the power x1000 times doesn’t lead to better vr experience, just rendered in higher resolution.

            Nobody cares about pcvr cause there is nothing to look forward to.

          • kool

            That’s not true with more power you can have open world games, better animation, more complex level design and AI all of which is needed badly on the quest. It does what it does well that doesn’t mean it isn’t lacking either.

          • ViRGiN

            Obviously it “can”, but it basically doesn’t. That’s the whole thing. VR is dominated by indies. After beat saber and gorilla tag proved the formula of game jam quality games dominating over much more complex games, the writing was on the wall and tons of studios switched to games of single gimmick. Just look at pistol whip.

            The excitement of 3DTV-VR, aka flat2vr also shows the trend that native VR is simply lacking to attract masses. Death of PCVR has nothing to do with pricing. There are millions of PC gamers already owning high end PC that are just few hundred dollars away from a headset, and they are just not doing it.

          • kakek

            No man, be reasonable. It can’t.
            Thre’s cases where it doesn’t matter. I enjoy Demeo more on mobile VR than on my PC. Because the immersion is not the same anyway, it doesn’t need super detailled lights and textures to make you feel like the world is real.

            But there’s things the quest 2 can’t do. Large, SP gaes with beautifull graphics to immerse yourself into.
            Look at Hubris.
            The downgrade in quality really hurt the immersion. It’s not bad but it just doesn’t have the wow effect of the PC version. Plus performance issues.

          • ViRGiN

            Contractors is getting battlefield 4 maps, it runs on quest, and look great. Contractors devs are working on battle Royale game with 4km2 map. That’s pretty “open world”to me.

            And what does pcvr has to offer? Stand out? War dust? Pretty shit looking games despite unlimited pc power.

          • kakek

            Interresting you would pick contractors. Because I used to play it on PC BEFORE the mobile release. And it looked ( and played ) really good. But when they released it on quest, they decided they wanted cross play. So they revamped all the maps so they could fit on quest. And even with better textures on PC, it just wasn’t the same. Maps had less elements, less open areas. It clearly didn’t feel as good as it used to on PC.
            It’s not bad, but it’s a great exemple of a game that, when re-designed with Quest limitation in mind, lost in quality.
            But obviously it got much more players. Because Quest playerbase is much bigger. That doesn’t mean it’s better.
            And it certainly doesn’t provse that Quest can do the same thing that are possible on PC. Precisely because they had to butcher the PC version to have map parity.

            And it’s not getting 1-1 port of BF4 maps. You cna always remake a map with less texture, less polygons, and have it run in any engine and any old console.
            Same way that 4 KM2 maps means nothing. You can make 100KM2 maps on a potato. You just have to make it with little enough details.

          • ViRGiN

            Contractors indeed dropped the ball on vanilla content, that’s true. But that content is worth about 20 hours max, then you played everything and game is basically dead. Mods are carrying the game, like many others, including beat saber.

            You should check that bf4 map. It’s 1:1. Even ps3, ps4, xbox and pc look slightly different to each other. But it’s not dumbed down version with removed object. Every pile of trash is there. Compare it to pavlov shack, where the maps from pc on quest doesn’t resemble anything alike. That’s huge downgrade. But not here. And it’s not potato either. Beats pretty much everything made by paid developers.

          • ViRGiN

            Oh, and for extra clarification in case it wasn’t _obvious_. I was talking about PCVR. It can render “everything”, but it doesn’t. Because there is no money in PCVR, noone is putting in the time to make these games stand out in any shape or form. It’s all indie, and it’s all near-mobile graphics, even for games that were made before Quest was a thing. Even Contractors before Quest wasn’t “breathtaking” and looked nothing like games released years prior on flatscreen.

          • kool

            Are you telling me a vr gtav wouldn’t sell? Right now vr is doing what has to be done out of necessity. If it was ever financially viable to make better games they would.

          • ViRGiN

            To build momentum, good leadership understands they have to play the long game instead seeking immediate gratification. Meta is doing it’s part, banking on its future. Valve can afford all of that, but they don’t. Proper GTA5VR would make PCVR undead over night. Then again, didn’t the same gamers swore to never spend a dime on Rockstar after how Luke Ross got told to stop after making 20k$ a month?

          • kool

            If that 10 bill a year isn’t spent trying to figure out how to stream AAA games to the quest3 than that’s bad leadership. Meta has the golden goose, in order to take into the mainstream they need modern gameplay along with the vr mechanics we all expect. The only way I see this being done on a standalone is thru streaming ATM. Idk about this year or the next but meta needs to bring it asap if they want my money. Id rather have a cord and console if that’s what it takes to get AAA vr.

      • LMAO

        Ignorant troll alert…

      • Hussain X

        As a pcvr guy, I would’ve in past assumed maybe it’s because pcvr players have a lot of choice of games, so players are spread out in different games. Hence vrlfg showing low numbers in games. But when pcvr players keep buying & jumping into Gorilla Tag over something made for pcvr with great graphics like Crossfire Sierra Squad (very sad looking at sales, players in game and mixed review score vs Gorilla Tag), then there is something seriously wrong in the pcvr market. PCVR players giving out wrong messsage that they want more of the likes of Gorilla Tag over Crossfire. Looking at Vertigo 2 stats, makes it worse still.

        Do pcvr players want more quest ports like Gorilla Tag or made for pcvr with high end graphics like Crossfire? The vrlfg stats say they want Quest ports (unless it’s a AAA well known IP VR game) and devs will go this much safer and lucrative route (they can sell on Quest too).

        As a pcvr guy, it is sad looking at those stats :(

  • ViRGiN

    It’s going to be top seller once it lands in Humble Bundle of 10 games for $10.

    • LMAO

      Ignorant troll alert..

      • Arno van Wingerde

        Troll? for sure! Ignorant: check out to numbers on steam looking at the links Virgin gave above… I cannot but agree with his conclusions…

        • ViRGiN

          I’m a troll, because i say the things they don’t want to hear. They are the real trolls, painting utopian picture of pcvr, in hopes of attracting bigger crowd and in turn attracting more developers. But developers aren’t stupid, and even pcvr users realise the real state of affairs.

          • polysix

            You’re a troll because you have no life and only exist to (try) to wind people up on here by being a pissy little contrarian with an apt name and an annoying avatar. Also being a STANDALONE VR FANBOY makes you look utterly pathetic.

          • ViRGiN

            That’s one way to say you’re pcvr gayben. Years have gone by, and I’m still correct in my opinions. You uevr worshipers have failed to build anything out of pcvr. Being a pcvr user in 2024 {and acting superior!) Just makes you the butt of every vr community. Hey, go ahead and play gorilla tag with your homies.

  • Gabriel Cash

    This is precisely what Sony need to be getting ported to PSVR2. Would be a day one purchase for me.

    • ViRGiN

      I’m assuming the ownership of steering wheels among console users is miniscule. It’s a nonsense game to experience with gamepad.

      • Gabriel Cash

        Gran Turismo 7 plays extremely well in VR with a gamepad.

      • LMAO

        Ignorant troll alert.

        • Max-Dmg

          The little b1tch is always complaining lol.

          • ViRGiN

            Jacked up a$$hat alert!!1

      • kakek

        There’s a good number of Grand turismo fans out there with wheels.

        • ViRGiN

          Any real data on it?

          • kakek

            Nope. I’m just discussing. Not every discussion is a debate where you try to prove the other is wrong.
            Though every discussion with you seems to be.

          • ViRGiN

            Then state it as opinion rather than fact.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    It would be nice to have on PS VR 2. But it’s the same reason EA didn’t port F1. It would have to compete with GT7. And GT7 has different road conditions and weather. And includes F1 and Rally cars. Not fully. But enough to get by. And enough to know EA would be doing a serious hill climb to get noticed.

    But this is the same company that has killed competition by buying up licenses, franchises or their competitors from code masters, criterion, etc. They either own most of the sports or racing. I’d rather not feed the beast and have boycotted them for years.

    They could easily pick something different like updating Star Wars Squadrons like Hello Games did No Man’s Sky.

    • JanO

      Haters will hate and graphics snobs will miss out on what’s actually important: great gameplay.

      Grid Legends on Quest already has options for cranking up the resolution and target frame rate. Sadly, the Q2 doesn’t have much performance headroom to fine tune these to our liking, but I’m sure the game will run much better on Q3 even without a patch. Just like when you upgrade to a new PC.

      This game is super fun, despite the very low resolution graphics…
      And as of now, it’s actually the #1 reason I might upgrade to Q3..!

      Now, if only we could uninstall the useless story mode videos….

  • gothicvillas

    Why not psvr2? Is it because ps5 lack8ng the power or something else?
    As I see it, once VR development is done for PC, porting to Psvr2 would probably cost them peanuts. They would still sell close to 100k vr copies on sony.. that’s a few million $ on sales even if it kinda flops.

    • Chris Meeks

      EA prefers Microsoft exclusives?

    • ApocalypseShadow

      EA can’t compete with something that has more to offer. That’s why they aren’t trying.

      GT7 has F1 cars and Rally cars. GT7 also did the first F1 Esport racing competition. A direct blow to EA’s ego.

      EA says they are all about competition. But they really aren’t when they buy up competition or lock up a lot of licenses to prevent others from competing.

      • hyperseven

        boo hoo, no VR for you. GT7 rally is rubbish and as for F1….

        • ApocalypseShadow

          Uh no. I don’t give a crap about EA. They could close tomorrow and I wouldn’t care. They are a menace on the game industry just like Microsoft.

          EA wasn’t there for PSVR except for Star Wars Battlefront demo and Squadrons. The company only cares about making an easy profit and they won’t ever go for a smaller market. They have not supported any VR headset in a large capacity.

          GT7 Rally is good enough that EA can’t compete. And none of their racers compete with GT proper. In or out of VR. But some are blind and stupid like you that love their loot boxes and micro transactions. I’d bet you bought a lot of it from them that created the problem to begin with.

          • hyperseven

            Salty McSaltface cannot play the best Rally sims in VR. PC 1, plastic box 0.

          • ApocalypseShadow

            Yeah. Because you think I can’t purchase a high end PC or a 4090 graphics card.

            Those racers on PC have meant nothing to me for over 40 years. Elitist fools like yourself think squeezing a few more frames out of a game and a little more light makes your lives complete. You’re like the Borg trying to chase perfection and never find it. Loser.

          • hyperseven

            why settle for 2nd/3rd/x best?

    • Leisure Suit Barry

      Because PSVR2 install base is tiny

    • Runesr2

      I believe the PS5 lacks the power to run these games in VR, same for the F1 series. I barely get great enough image quality in F1 22 using an RTX 3090. VR is very demanding.

  • Brettyboy01

    Another missed PSVR2 opportunity.

  • chaos_in_ashland

    Just please no loot boxes or arcade style Forza nonsense. Dirt Rally 2 was simple and awesome in VR – follow that example