As we reported a little while back, The VOID team scored a spot at TED 2016 this week where they demo’d a special made-for-TED. Among the exclusive clientèle to experience the free-roaming, VR attraction was one, mildly famous, Harrison Ford.

See Also: Sneak Peek at The VOID’s Latest Tech to Feature at TED 2016
See Also: Sneak Peek at The VOID’s Latest Tech to Feature at TED 2016

Here’s a shot of a very pleased looking VOID team, posing with Harrison Ford (no, I’m not going tell you what films he’s been in, if you don’t know – leave now!) just after he’d braved the special TED edition VOID experience the team had constructed.

There’s a certain amount of serendipity here too, as the experience Ford traversed bore all the hallmarks of an Indiana Jones adventure complete with ancient ruins, giant serpents and deadly traps.

Road to VR’s Chris Madsen recently got a sneak preview of a WIP version of the VOID‘s TED 2016 experience and said:

TED conference goers are in for a real treat as The VOID will be pulling all the stops in taking the experience far beyond what has been seen in their beta tests which has already included ingenious techniques such as redirected walking in which guests believe they are walking straight when actually walking in circles, heaters that give life to fire and vibrating floors simulating elevators in motion. Invisible to all but the active players, even the stage itself will require a trick to access. The new environmental effects to be revealed coupled with advances in the hardware will, according to Curtis and James who chuckle when referencing internal testing, have people screaming with excitement, wonder and fear.

No word on what Ford thought of the experience, or even if he’s tried virtual reality before, but the more A-listers publicly trying VR, the more exposure the technology received. Which has to be a good thing.