The first ever Silicon Valley VR Conference & Expo is happening very soon. This will be the first time that the ultimate collection of VR minds will be assembled in such an intimate environment. Karl Krantz is the man making it happen, and he joins me in this episode of the Rev VR Podcast.

Karl and I have been planning to do this interview for some time now. Unfortunately, our schedules have not cooperated until today. It’s a good thing too, since the SVVR Expo is only days away.

Now that I have a wonderful sponsor who was able to pay my way to the Expo, I was excited to talk to Karl about the line-up of amazing VR personalities that I will have the pleasure to meet. As you may have already seen in Ben Lang’s previous post, it is surely going to be an amazing two days.

We also discuss the importance of events like this, and how our community is quickly growing from a homebrew culture, into a thriving new industry.

If everything up to this point has been “Day 0” for the VR community, then the SVVR Expo marks “Day 1” in my book.

Are you in the area and want to attend?  Tickets are still available and I would love to meet every one of you!

SVVR Keynote: Historical Context of VR + Elemental Theory of Presence

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