Ambitious Sci-fi adventure game Loading Human from developers Untold Games is one of the first made-for-VR titles we covered and it’s now been confirmed to be one of the day-one launch titles for the forthcoming PlayStation VR headset on October 13th.

Untold Games had lofty ideals with its first made-for-VR title Loading Human, a title we first covered back in 2014. Long before VR enthusiasts found themselves swimming in motion controller options (slight exaggeration), Untold Games were trying to build a virtual game world that reacted intuitively to human input where no consumer VR devices existed.

Load Human started life as a Kickstarted development, with the team surpassing their original $30k goal a couple of weeks into the campaign. One of the reasons the title attracted so much attention from VR enthusiasts was the development team’s commitment to providing the most natural and complete human interaction system with the game’s environment as possible.

This goal of an ‘invisible’ interface aspect of the game was so important to Untold, they even gave the systems involved a name (U.N.I.C.S) and an introduction video all to itself. In practice this means if you pick up a key, find the box it matches and use it everything from your in-game hand animation to your requirement to rotate your motion controller to turn that key in the lock should be as seamless and as natural as possible.

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Now, Untold Games via publishers Maximum Games have announced that Loading Human is to become one of the first games available on Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. The first chapter of the game will launch alongside PSVR on October 13th.

As for the game’s core, it resolves around you the protagonist, being summoned to your dying scientist father’s Antarctic base to undergo an intensive interstellar quest: retrieve the Quintessence, an elusive energy sources that will help reverse the ageing process. Untold promise full freedom gameplay stating that Loading Human is “one of the only existing VR games that isn’t on rails”

It’ll be great to see Loading Human in its final form after a development journey that spans most of the early years of VR’s most recent renaissance and it’ll be fascinating to see if Untold Games’ highly ambitious interactivity goals carry through on PSVR’s Move controllers. We won’t have long to wait to find out.

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