GoPro Reveals First 360 Degree Video Shot with New Odyssey VR Camera


GoPro’s ‘Odyssey’ VR camera camera is on its way with early access being given to selected directors soon. And, to whet the creative appetites of filmmakers everywhere, GoPro have released this beautiful time-lapse 360 degree film featuring the sights of New York City to demonstrate the new camera’s prowess.

Featuring footage captured in 360 degrees using GoPro’s recently new Odyssey VR camera, set to leverage the stitching pipeline of Google’s ‘Jump’ video assembler, this new short film shows the breathtaking possibilities of cinematic VR as a medium.

Set around New York city, the film puts you at and in various landmarks throughout the area. The film is directed by New York born and bred photographer Neil Britto and takes you on an immersive journey exploring his favourite sights throughout the city. From stunning cityscape vistas to more intimate landmark scenes, the film demonstrates what a difference being surrounded by such scenes makes to a films power to engage the viewer.

Although the Odyssey is capable of capturing stereoscopic spherical video, YouTube only supports monoscopic spherical footage for the time being, so the video above is not 3D. We expect to see a 3D version of the footage once YouTube adds support as promised.

The GoPro 16 Camera 'Odyssey' Rig
The GoPro 16 camera ‘Odyssey’ rig

GoPro’s Odyssey comprises a rig packed with 16 GoPro Hero Black cameras, capable of capturing footage in stereoscopic 3D, and the film serves as a usual glimpse at the quality the new rig will offer when paired with Google’s Jump assembler pipeline, announced at Google’s I/O conference back in May. The combination of hardware and software is reportedly capable of producing stereoscopic (over-under) footage up to 8k x 8k (600 Mbit/s bitrate), which should ensure fidelity is up to the challenges posed by 360 filming.

Google Announces Next-gen 'Jump' VR Camera, 8K x 8K with Seamless Stitching

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The $15,000 Odyssey suite will be released in limited numbers to creators in November and represents a concerted effort to capture a piece of a potentially major market in the professional immersive video capture space.

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