After recently adding support for 360 degree videos to YouTube, the company now says that 360 + stereoscopic 3D video support is on the way. The streaming service currently supports 360 or 3D videos, but not both together.

Google’s tentative toe in the VR’s waters, which started back at Google’s I/O conference in 2014 with the launch of Google cardboard, has, like the rest of the VR industry, progressed rapidly into a concerted dash for supremacy in the space. For Google, virtual reality and 360 video is now clearly a major target for expansion and investment as its video streaming service YouTube has seen a rapid addition of VR specific features. 360 video support was introduced quietly under a month ago. Along with Google’s Jump 360 video hardware and processing pipeline announced at this year’s Google I/O, it’s clear where the search giant’s priorities lie right now.

Now, a tweet via Google’s YouTube Creator network indicates we can expect further movements towards ‘full’ virtual reality support. The tweet suggests that we can expect stereoscopic 3D support to be added to 360 videos ‘soon’, adding a much needed element of immersion to YouTube’s VR video platform. Although 360 degree content when done right can be extremely compelling in monoscopic form, stereo 3D is widely accepted as a presence enabler for immersive content like VR video.

A precise timeline on when YouTube content creators can expect this support to go live isn’t available, but given Google’s past rapid prototyping in this arena, expect something live very shortly.

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Not only that, but an added incentive for content creators to work to bolster YouTube’s growing 360 degree video library was also recently added in the form of 360 adverts. According to a recent story on Engadget, Google has already enabled a feature to allow companies to upload 360 degree ‘TrueView’ adverts. Bud Light were among the first to trial the new feature (powered by Jaunt) which is detailed in a Google Adwords blog piece here.

However you may feel about adverts on the internet, and in particular on YouTube, it’s an important revenue stream for content providers and with this move towards 360 commercial content and therefore vital for the growth of the space.

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  • Darshan Gayake

    Stereo 3D support in 360 Degree video is most crucial thing i was longing
    to have from ‘so’ long.

    This is where true immersion begins.

    I have seen many 360 degree videos and Dubai Marina and Dubai Airport Arial Shot were the best so far.. even at 2.5 k or 4K it still looks kind of unreal without S3D support.

    Its amazing news…I doubt what kind of bandwidth it need to watch such thing streaming over you-tube. 2K 360degree Dubai marina video eats up 281Mbs stereo may reach 500+ mbs.. For immersion its way to go for sure…

    I also see this as beginning of new era… Just think if you can watch Jurassic Park while being in Jurassic Park..360 Degree movie can make you feel more like a ‘eye witness’ of magnificent event…

    Just imagine 2012 movie in 360 degree stereo… The world shattering around you a true taste of ‘judgement day’

  • Don Gateley

    Mobile YouTube needs to integrate Bluetooth paired game controllers in an intelligent way. It’s already built into Android and the controllers are less than $20 (ipega) so let’s use it with YouTube and other Google HMD apps.

    Making it easier to use might make for more use.

    • kinetogenic

      What abilities would this add to the experience? The video is not interactive like a game, so about the most you would be able to do is look around (which you can do with your head) or start/stop the playback, unless there is something I am missing.

      • Don Gateley

        Is any head pointing or magnet selection required within it? If so I’d much rather do that with a controller. Actually, I really would like to rotate my view with a controller so I don’t need a swivel chair to see what’s behind me in 360. :-)

        I’m sure it could be used also for drift compensation.

  • Darshan Gayake

    I did posted comment here on JULY 24 along with two 360 degree video URLS (Dubai Airport and Marina Time lapse Videos).

    it never made up here( showed already posted but never came up on page)…Now that video link appear as an independent post here..Why so?

    • Darshan Gayake

      Scott Hayden – First 8K 360 YouTube Video Features a Striking Time Lapse of Dubai
      Jul 24, 2015.

      Appear approx 3/4 Hours latter i posted my comment which was elaborating Youtube link i posted. My original post is no where…kind of disturbing in a way.

    • Paul James

      Hi Darshan, If you include multiple URLs in comments, WordPress tends to treat them as spam. I’ll see if I can get them unblocked. We came across this news independently, although many thanks for sharing it earlier with us.

      • Darshan Gayake

        I never had problem with article be it came to you anyway …i just wanted my post to appear in its legitimate right.

        I will be careful to not to post any URL hence forth.. but then its limiting factor to expression… Thanks to get my post at its place though..