10 oculus rift reactions from gdc 2013

At GDC 2013, people waited upwards of two hours in line to try the Oculus Rift developer kit. Was it worth the wait? Did it live up to the hype? I interviewed 10 people right after they stepped out of the demo. I was expecting to hear people mention the lower than desirable resolution and perhaps the ghosting, but I came away very surprised to find out how much everyone — many of them non-developers — said they enjoyed the experience. To be clear, I didn’t leave out any interviews or cut any negative comments — this is the aggregate of what people told me. And yes, 10 is a small sample size, but the results certainly bode well for the Oculus Rift.

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  • Gerald Terveen

    This is a great and very promising feedback compilation! Can’t wait to get mine and toy with it.

  • WormSlayer

    Still watching the video but the first guy being so convinced it’s going to be a competitive edge is interesting? Most people (myself included) have been thinking it will be a bit of a disadvantage. But I haven’t actually had a go on one yet…

  • Andreas Aronsson

    You have been super busy doing all this coverage mr Ben, how are you even alive after GDC? Very nice :D fun to hear people after their first experience, especially with their varying backgrounds. I totally look forward to hear what my friends will say when my kit arrives…

    • Ben Lang

      I’m only just barely alive — GDC was a ton of work!

      I’m also interested to hear what friends think. I think the Tuscany demo will put it into perspective for people who can’t really grasp what this means for gaming.