Two years ago today, Oculus launched the consumer version of Rift. To celebrate the occasion, the company has announced new content/updates, some pretty big sales, prizes, and even the chance to win a ‘Golden Account’ that gives you 100 of your favorite Rift games for free.

The Rift Gold Rush

Oculus is hosting a massive raffle that will see $28,000 in prizes given away to lucky Rifters over the course of a few weeks. Prizes include Oculus Store credits, a brand-new PC, and a ‘Golden Account’ that unlocks 100 games for free.

To participate in this week’s ‘Rift Gold Rush’, simply pop into Brass Tactics (2018) for its free weekend (starting March 29th) and play a multiplayer match anytime from 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT on March 31st for a chance to win (local starting time here). Oculus will advertise more ways to participate in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on Oculus’ blog for updates.

Oculus Store Deals

image courtesy Oculus

Oculus is throwing Rifters up to 75% in savings on games including Lone Echo (2017), The Mage’s Tale (2017), and Star Trek: Bridge Crew (2017). The company has also put together four curated bundles, dozens of daily deals, and more for the occasion.

From now until April 3rd, when you buy a Rift from and select retailers, you’ll get a $50 USD Oculus Store credit to kick things off right. Oculus says it’s a limited-time only offer that’s available while supplies last.

Leaked Facebook MR Headset Confirmed as Project Cambria, a "High-end" Device Coming Next Year

New Content

  •  L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files (2017) is finally coming to Oculus Store replete with official Rift support on March 29th. Check out why we gave it a [5.8/10] in our review here.
  • OrbusVR ‘Shard Dungeons’ Update – On March 30th, MMORPG OrbusVR is pushing out a new update that includes new levels, new gear, and new enemies to fight. It’s a free expansion to the game, and represents one of the first open-world MMOs in VR’s history.
  • Ultrawings Update – High-flying arcade flight game Ultrawings is getting a new agricultural-themed island, a new speedy Gee Racer aircraft, and over a dozen air races scattered across the impressively-sized world. Users with a HOTAS setup can also rejoice, as the update adds support for your hands On throttle and stick.

Keep an eye on Oculus’ blog for fresh updates on next week’s raffle and prizes.

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  • NooYawker

    To celebrate I will be uninstalling the few games I purchased and uninstalling oculus software from my machine. I will no longer be one of the dumb fucks who agreed to it.

    • Xron

      Weird one…
      So you will be buying Htc Vive Pro for 799$ hmd only?
      Are you deleting everything just because some business enemies thought of plan how to make Facebook lose their users? And you really think others ain’t doing same with your info… ehh w/e.

      • NooYawker

        “some business enemies thought of plan how to make Facebook lose their users”
        WOW, do you really think that? that’s not just sad, it’s down right pathetic. And no, others are not doing the same and anyone who believes that is,once again, pathetic. And what zuck called you guys who trust him.. you know, dumb fucks. Not my words, Zucks.

        • Firestorm185

          Well have fun without your Rift then, fellow. I’ll be keeping mine. ^^

          • JJ

            ok? there are plenty of options aside from the rift now, so its pretty easy to have fun without one and a facebook device in your house.

          • Dragonborn399

            There is nothing even close to the Touch controllers. get outta here.

          • NooYawker

            I never bought a rift, I never would. I purchased a few games from their store which required me installing Oculus software. I’m having a great time with my Vive. You enjoy being video taped while using your rift. Remember, you agreed to it.

          • Xron

            Go buy your ‘cheap’ vive pro product :)
            Anyway, I’m not sure if Htc has enough cash to get us a true decent priced 2nd gen device next year, so I’m rooting for Oculus now, because it seems to me that they care for Vr the most. I mean when you take in account big players right now.
            P.s Ofc I know they want to make cash/get info about us from it, (Vr) but its how big companies work, right? -.- EVERY big Company I mean ;p

          • jj

            No not every big company. What fb just got caught doing is a new low for any company. The fact that your deliberately ignoring that is pretty scary. Not only did they lie about it unlike other companies, but when they got caught they just said well you agreed to it and they took no responsibility or change in action.

            FB is the epitome of corrupt business, and its to the point where their corruptness is in direct correlation with our privacy. We are in this situation because of people like you who regardless of the facts still blindly trust these companies and are even justifying their corrupt business tactics.

            Sympathizing with these corrupt business tactics is like sympathizing with the nazis, there is no way you’re going to come out on top supporting them because their motives and goals are way to quacked up and evil to be plausible.

          • NooYawker

            I make it a point to not attempt reasoning with people who think “they all do it” I mean why bother, can’t fix stupid.

          • jj

            yeah NooYawker, same with the people who say ” I have nothing to hide so go ahead and film my family in my home”

            I literally have nothing to hide and I STILL don’t feel comfortable with someone listening to me and watching me.

            Perfect law abiding citizens do have things they want to keep private, its not up to you or fb to tell me if i do or don’t want you filming me or my children in the only private place they have.

          • Xron

            So stop buying EVERY product Big Companies make!, they are ALL corrupt, even Apple hides their cash in offshore :P
            Comparing some1 with Nazis is next level man… you are sure you’re not bot spouting random nonsense?…
            Anyway, won’t reply to comments anymore… above one shows how bad some people understand how business works…
            Lets get back to Vr business.
            Its nice that Vr is getting more attention and less and less people think it is a fad (I guess some trolls still try to annoy people with this word, but there is smaller amount of these nowadays).

          • Firestorm185

            So true, happy it’s here to stay, no matter which company it’s coming from. ^^

          • CURTROCK

            VR rocks! Love my RIFT!

          • JJ

            Many of us do avoid these big companies like you suggested.

            I will compare nazi sympathizers with corrupt business sympathizer because clearly nazis and nazi sympathizers are worse but it was an example intended to highlight the fact that there isn’t one good thing about a nazi just like there isn’t one good thing about a corrupt business. So any statement you make in defense of a corrupt business is a fallacy because to the core they are bad, and the more you defend them the worse you end up looking. easy peasy

          • Dragonborn399

            Yeh cause comparing everything you don’t like to Nazi’s makes sense. NOT. lol.

            “hmmm, I do not like that guy cause he does not care about his privacy the way I do… you know who I also think is bad? NAZI’s! So he is basically, a NAZI!”

            Wow. Just wow.

          • jj

            hey youre an advocate for stripping my constitutional rights so yeah you’re pretty much a nazi.

          • Firestorm185

            Totally agreed, and I have nothing to hide from the cameras, unlike other people. ^^

            I honestly find that people just get paranoid over surveilance stuff, I don’t worry about it.
            (btw I have no idea what you guys are talking about that facebook admitted, haven’t read anything myself, if someone would like to explain, that would be great)

          • CURTROCK

            I know, right? Privacy in this day and age is an illusion. If someone wants to know your business, they will get the info. If you are concerned, ditch your cell phone, computer, all internet access, and don’t go out in public.

          • NooYawker

            Wow, you just gave up on life didn’t you?

          • NooYawker

            It so sad the mindset of people like you. Hey i have nothing to hide from the cameras in my home!!!
            I truly have no words for you.
            Well, at least you fully admit your ignorance is bliss.

          • Dragonborn399

            It just is not a big deal? I have privacy, I understand how this stuff works, but I am not some wackjob who is going to miss out on using GOOGLE because they track my data lol.

            I literally have nothing to hide. Do I turn off that shit when I can? yep! But – once again – I am not going to miss out on VR because of the parent company. I am not retarded.

          • Dragonborn399

            I also hate Facebook, but I am not going be a fool & miss out on an Oculus and force myself to buy a VIVE with those shitty wand controllers.

          • Dragonborn399

            Facebook, Google, Apple, all the companies purge consumer data constantly. The depth of how they do this differs from company to company… but once again, the creepers have the most to hide so they get the most bent out of shape when they read about this stuff.

          • Dragonborn399

            Who cares? the only people who are that scared are the ones with shit to hide. They can tape me all day long lol.

        • JJ

          Thank you NooYawker! you’re right here

      • jj

        lol zuckerburg just admitted that we should have known because we agreed to it them harvesting our personal data including our call and text list of our phones. thats a who shit ton more than “Business enemies making plans” and no you can still get the entire first vive package for less than the pro HMD, so theres that.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Like so many apps…..

    • dfgdrgf

      @NooYawker you care about companies collecting user info? You wrote

      over 13,500 comments on disqus, do you know what the extend of data collecting disqus have on you? Do anybody care about disqus? What they are doing with all of your comments? Think about it. Maybe you should delete your disqus account too just be safe.

      • NooYawker

        So you think discus collecting the things I write on the internet and FB video taping you, collecting your texts and phone calls done outside of FB are equal? Ok.

        • sef

          Where is your prove that FB record videos, text, phone calls? I think you got the wrong idea about what “collecting phone calls and texts” means. It means that they record the timestamps of those call and texts, not the content itself. If you downloaded your data from facebook you would see those data. And this is a feature that users can turn on/off at anytime. Do you know how much bandwidth they needed if they also record the
          content,and transferring them over the internet? It would be found out
          the minute they turn on that feature.

          You do know that disqus commenting system act as the same as the FB commenting system on all the big websites? All of your data is being collected and sorted for targeting ads. If you are paranoid by FB, you should be even more paranoid by disqus, because at least FB is constantly under scrutiny.

          At the end of the day, all these companies don’t care about you personally, They cared about your data’s analytics and selling targeted ads to you. People should learn to not trust everything they read on the internet, use multiple sources, and use adblockers to block all the targeted ads. Oh did I mention that adblockers also collecting your data? Yea…

          • NooYawker

            Where’s my proof? I guess you were too busy hiding under a rock and missed Zuckerbergs full page apology for abusing your data and the interview where he stated you agreed to have your calls and texts monitored. but hey, if you choose not to believe Zuckerbergs own words… there’s nothing I or anyone can do for you. You go on living in bliss friend.

          • sef

            Again, you are getting the wrong impression about what “calls and texts monitored” means. They monitored what time you make calls or texts so that they can use it in their apps. All social apps will have something similar like importing your contacts and timestamps of your calls.

            Zuckerberg’s apology is not about FB abusing your data, it is about their api being too open for others that lead to the abuse of its services. That thing happened years ago, the api is very limited now.

            Look at what the disqus’s parent company Zeta Global is about:

            “As of 2017, the company had a database of permission based profiles of approximately 350 million people. Using big data analysis, they identify who companies should sell to, contact those people, and manage existing customers. While the company originally focused on email marketing, more recently it has expanded into the customer lifecycle management market.”

            They basically provide the similar services as Cambridge Analytica that got Facebook in trouble the past couple weeks. You should really delete your Disqus account if you care about your privacy.

          • sef

            I’m not going to come back to this thread again, so ultimately what I’m trying to say is that these companies are providing a free and convenience service to you in-exchange selling you ads to paid for it. You should be fine, as long as you are aware of that. Don’t believe everything you read online, and don’t put anything that you don’t want others to see online. We are so connected today, you would have to live in the woods to get away of it all.

            You are more than welcome to get rid of everything FB related, but don’t do it because you think only FB is bad. FB is no better or worse than other data driven companies like Google, Apple, or even Steam etc. You will still be track every second of your life online and your data will be profiled and targeted for whatever agenda.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Octopus Rift is taking control of your VR freedum and fakebook is pushing for the total destruction of the Constitution. Cuckebird is your new master. I prefer to be on the good side with my Asus WMR.

    • Dragonborn399

      Lol exactly. Wack jobs.

  • NooYawker

    “Who cares? the only people who are that scared are the ones with shit to hide. They can tape me all day long lol.”

    “Totally agreed, and I have nothing to hide from the cameras, unlike other people.”

    ” have no idea what you guys are talking about that facebook admitted, haven’t read anything myself”

    “If you are concerned, ditch your cell phone, computer, all internet access, and don’t go out in public.”

    People literally admitting they don’t care about their privacy and think every company behaves the way Facebook does. More power to you that you don’t care, and you are more than happy to be video taped inside your home.

    But I find it truly sad the mindset of some people today. No self respect or dignity.

    • Dragonborn399

      Self respect? I have tons of it. I live a respectable life where I am not afraid of people seeing it.
      Dignity, I have that too. I am so sure of myself that… I am not freaking out about every freakin’ thing that collects data.

      Also, Google and Apple act very similar – you are out of touch if you think they are innocent.


      Fuck Right Off. If you suffer from paranoia, that’s your issue.

      • NooYawker


        Nevermind. I said I wasn’t going to debate with you morons. SO I edit my comment.

        • CURTROCK

          What I believe, or you believe is the point if civil discussion. When you start saying that people who don’t share your opinions are ignorant/morons/no self respect/dignity…that’s when it goes from a discussion to something nasty. You can disagree with people, without insulting them.

          • NooYawker

            Here’s where your argument breaks down. It’s not an opinion that Facebook collects and uses your data. It’s not an opinion if you use their apps they access far beyond wha the app does. Zuckerberg himself acknowledged it and said you agreed to it. So if you choose not to believe Zuckerberg himself what does that make you? Reasonable? Zuckerberg himself said you’re a dumb fuck. LITERALLY used those words. Not me.
            So I don’t argue with flat earthers or people who think Facebook collecting your private data is paranoia.

          • CURTROCK

            I never said FB doesn’t collect data. They do. No argument. All businesses in this day and age do. Shit, you think your cell phone company doesn’t know EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU USE YOUR PHONE? Or who calls you? Or who you call? Or monitor/access your voice mail? They got your banking info, address, work details, communication habits, browsing history, etc. So? Am I gonna throw away my phone? No. Because I don’t care. So, don’t accuse me of being ignorant of the ways in which big data is harvested, and I won’t accuse you of paranoia because you pick & choose which companies to rant about, and others you are perfectly happy to submit to.

          • NooYawker

            Right, so you know FB collects and monetizes all your data. So your accusation of me being paranoid was wrong. Like I said if you don’t care that’s one thing but calling me paranoid was wrong. So on both points I was right and you were wrong.

          • CURTROCK

            No, my accusation of you being paranoid still stands. I never said your statement about FB collecting data was incorrect. I just think you are paranoid in general, to be so butt-hurt about something everybody already knew. My only comment about you personally, is that you were rude & offensive by calling people names, just because they aren’t as freaked out as you seem to be, about the data that FB and many, many, many other companies collect. By the way, do you think Valve collects data?

          • NooYawker

            So you really don’t know what paranoid means. You’re dumber than I thought.

          • CURTROCK

            Make sure your tin-foil hat is on good & tight. Never know who is trying to get the data out of your head. Moron.

          • par·a·noid
            adjective: paranoid
            of, characterized by, or suffering from the mental condition of paranoia.”paranoid schizophrenia”
            unreasonably or obsessively anxious, suspicious, or mistrustful.”you think I’m paranoid but I tell you there is something going on”synonyms:oversuspicious, paranoiac, suspicious, mistrustful, fearful, insecure
            “all the layoffs in my department have made me paranoid”

            What is Paranoia?

            Paranoia involves intense anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts
            often related to persecution, threat, or conspiracy. Paranoia occurs in
            many mental disorders, but is most often present in psychotic disorders.
            Paranoia can become delusions, when irrational thoughts and beliefs
            become so fixed that nothing (including contrary evidence) can convince a
            person that what they think or feel is not true. When a person has
            paranoia or delusions, but no other symptoms (like hearing or seeing
            things that aren’t there), they might have what is called a delusional
            disorder. Because only thoughts are impacted, a person with delusional
            disorder can usually work and function in everyday life, however, their
            lives may be limited and isolated.

          • NooYawker

            FB collects personal data: Fact. How is not wanting to use FB because they collect data being paranoid? Look that up.

          • suspicious, mistrustful, fearful, insecure :)

  • Whooooh!

  • K

    I bought a rift and then a couple months later the vive because everyone kept making a big deal about the vive so I purchased it as well. Have both systems and I tried the vive for maybe 2 weeks and set it aside. Spent $600 on it along with another 200 for the TPCASTT and it never gets used it just sets on a shelf. The controllers are horrible and I don’t care what the vive comes out with or how great the resolution is if they can’t fix the controller issue I’ll never use it. As for the tracking of data, you have to be a complete idiot to sit there and think that every company out there doesn’t do the same exact thing. Furthermore even more of an idiot if you want to sit here and try to say that if it was you that owned Facebook, or any other company out there, that you wouldn’t do the same exact thing! You idiots that pretend like you have a right to 100% privacy are just stupid. You’re either child molesters trying to hide yourselves or thieves or something of the sort. I don’t have anything to hide. I smoke pot and drink alcohol in my home that’s about it! As far as I’m concerned I want them to be able to track people especially nut balls like some of the people on this site. If you go molesting a child, blowing up a school or researching how to make a bomb I want them to be able to find a paper trail on you so they can lock your ass up for the rest of your life if not worse. The only people that don’t want to be watched are the ones doing wrong! Snowden likes to hide behind his little BS excuse but at the end of the day he was just trying to be a hero and turned around and gave away US secrets to other countries and you fools think he’s some type of God because of it. What morons! Wake up! Do I want them able to spy on me through my camera?? HELL NO!!! But is it something I’m willing to give up so that they can do it to everyone and hopefully use it to catch a child molester, Unabomber or some other wacko! HE’LL YEAH!!! SPY AWAY!!

    • Foreign Devil

      Lay off the alcohol K

    • Cat of Many Faces


      Take a moment to breath there, you’re coming off a bit unhinged, yeah?

    • Andrew Jakobs

      FB isn’t tracking anything with the Oculus, and what it tracks is only data for bettering the rift (and it’s optional). If you’re using it with Steam there is no tracking at all (except Steam ofcourse which also tracks data).

      • NooYawker

        Full page apology for abusing your data, when it came out Fb app was tracking your phone calls and your texts his response is you all agreed. So yea, if you want to believe FB isn’t tracking anything with the Oculus you go right ahead.
        I try not to respond to ignorant posts like yours but it’s so difficult. What’s so special about the Oculus that Facebook a company designed to track all your personal data, will be excluded? Even tho it clearly states in the EULA that the video and everything captured belong to FB.
        If you stated like these other kids that you don’t care you’re being recorded and tracked is one thing, but to actually say they don’t do it… that’s just … ..
        ok.. that’s it. No more debating with you geniuses.

        • JJ

          Thanks ZooYawker, these guys are nuts and obviously having temper tantrums when we tell them the truth about bf.

    • NooYawker

      What makes you think FB will turn over any illegal activity they capture to the police?

  • Chaotic0

    Onward is only 20% off?
    Lone Echo only 10% off?

    GG oculus learn something from steam once in a while

    • Ragbone

      Yeah the prices aren’t really much cheaper, i was hoping to grab a few but didn’t bother.

      • MeowMito

        Yeah, I will get it soon. Need to support these game developers to continue to make more awesome VR games. Funding needs to start somewhere.

      • beestee

        I ended up getting the Yellow Bundle since it has a few titles in it that I have wanted to play, and I got a pretty good discount that way since I already had 2 of the titles, plus the $15 store credit from a few weeks ago…it was a good deal IMO.

  • Alan Burke

    Not impressed I need to get up at 4am (Western Auz) to participate. Oculus are aware there are people with headsets around the globe aren’t they?!!

  • Ombra Alberto

    Good Oculus. Happy two years!

  • Konchu

    Good to see sales hoping for many more good years with oculus.

    As far as the privacy concerns in here in the thread I feel we do have to take them serious. Even if we know many companies are doing it. We like the benefits they give us I love that google tells me I have a package coming but is also creepy they are reading my mail.

    If we are not careful though we could lead to a big brother world as is now and we could let it happen for convenience. And don’t get me wrong this can be a good and bad thing. For instance you have an interest in past wars but they only see you have an unhealthy interest in guns and they start to profile you as a fanatic which could actually be true or maybe your just a history buff/gun Otaku. Or they play to your emotions to sway your actions to meet there goals slowly changing your views in a very calculated devious manner. After all it did take some people to convince themselves the holocaust was sane action. Propaganda is not a new thing its just got an upgrade.

    This whole Kerfuffle with Facebook will probably spawn some needed regulation I hope and likely more transparency.

    But enough with the Tin hat stuff, I have not given up on Facebook 100% not selling my Oculus, but I will continue to look with scrutiny.

  • Aman Kumar
  • Alfredo Villar

    I do not recommend buying anything in this company anymore.I bought the new rift oculus from your website two weeks ago and they came with white spots on the screen and the solution they give me is to buy new ones. They have the worst technical support I ever seen

    Here show you the problem.