It looks like PSVR owners have a few more games to browse through on their next digital shopping spree. Now it appears at least nine games have gotten between a 25%-50% off their permanent prices.

First spotted by ShackNewsthe following list contains some pretty big titles including the newly supported Wipeout Omega Edition. This comes shortly after Sony lowered the price of their major hardware bundles by $100.

PSVR Permanent Price Drops

If you can handle some more intense artificial VR motion, Wipeout is definitely worth considering. Check out our hands-on with the new VR function for a better idea of what to expect.

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  • impurekind


  • Most of those are a big “meh”, but the Wipeout Omega just had a BIG VR update and was prominently featured in an article on this very site. At just $20, it’s now a STEAL!


      Yea, I have every game and you are right. Wipeout and Rush of Blood are great. Rush of Blood only has 6 levels but it’s a perfect Halloween party attraction that anyone can easily play regardless of gaming experience.

      GT Sport would be awesome but VR support makes it meh haha. Hopefully that changes. They recently added a bit to it.. but something pretty trivial.. though considering how trivial support already was, I guess proportionally it was nice haha. Still a good discount for racing fans outside of VR.

      Either way glad to see Sony pushing VR in yet another way. Not sure if you noticed but these are all exclusive games (developed by Sony owned studios I believe) so clearly this was Sony’s initiative as opposed to coincidental price drops.

  • C0haagen

    Half of them already were PS+ titles… so I’m looking forward to get some of the other reduced games in the following months as PS+ games. ;-)