Acer’s Windows VR headset initially became available earlier this summer as a development kit. In October the company will launch the consumer version of the headset now with an upgraded head strap.

The Acer “Mixed Reality” VR headset is due to launch in October along with the others, and while it was advised that development kit versions wouldn’t be much different than the consumer versions, Acer’s headset looks to be getting a solid improvement to its headstrap.

Acer’s Mixed Reality headset dev kit | Photo by Road to VR

The Acer VR headset dev kit launched with a somewhat flimsy looking ‘buckle’ strap which you’d pull tight around the back of your head to adjust the fit, then squeeze a button to release the tension when you’re ready to remove it.

The company’s new product page for the consumer version of the headset shows an upgraded strap which adds padding and changes the fitting mechanism from a buckle to a knob, similar to the other Windows VR headsets. The forehead section of the headstrap also appears more broad and to have slightly thicker padding.

Image courtesy Acer

From the photos we can see that a visor hinge remains, making it easy to flip the visor upward for peeking outside of the headset without removing it. The rear size of the improved strap also suggests there’s some additional weighting back there to better balance the headset.

Developer Shows Microsoft's VR Controllers in Action

Though the upgraded strap looks to be a welcomed improvement to comfort and usability, it’s a shame that none of the Windows VR headsets are offering integrated audio, which means users will need to don a third-party pair of headphones or earbuds if they want immersive audio, something we’ve found to be sorely missing on any headset lacking it after getting used to the Rift’s built-in headphones.

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  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    No strap will hide the fact that this Acer mixedAR has the worst specs of the latest bunch of boring HMD. Microsoft has turned VR into a yawn and snooze fest. Glad there is Oculus and Vive to get us exited now and for the future.

    • lovethetech

      Great opinions with brilliant explanations!

    • Shawn MacDonell

      The specs of all the Windows MR headsets are identical if that’s what you were referring to; it’s true these headsets more or less have more issues than Rift or Vive, especially in display quality and optics; but text legibility is noticeably improved from Rift (and thus Vive also) and the inside-out tracking is surprisingly good.

      They’ll be a good addition to the market; no one is forcing you to purchase these, but VR is still advancing even from Microsoft’s end with the core inside-out tracking technology taken from HoloLens.

      • Firestorm185

        If I didn’t already own both Rift and Vive I would definitely be picking one of these up right away. Might still need one at some point though…

        • GigaSora

          What about them interests you? Im just curious. Not making fun.

          • Firestorm185

            Sure! Well I’ve been into VR ever since Rift’s kickstarter, the idea of jumping inside of a game and seeing it through the character’s eyes is amazing. that’s why I bought the first two. These Microsoft ones though? Hmm…. honestly I’m just excited to see more headsets compatible with SteamVR. Seeing other companies’ takes on VR and collecting headsets to see which one works best is a fun hobby, if an expensive one. xD

          • GigaSora

            Sure sure. Sort of a collect them all hobby. Thats understandable. Let us know how they are if you get one.

          • Firestorm185

            Shall do!

          • polysix

            i’m not excited by LCD motion blur and 95 deg FOV. Sure the Res is a bit higher but I’m not throwing money away on HMDs that are less immersive in key areas over what I already have (Rift) and what I’ve already had and sold (DK2, Vive and PSVR). I’ll wait for true gen 2 or the LG one to see what that’s like.

            Also not liking the lack of buttons on the controllers, nor the things I’ve come to appreciate in the build quality of the RIFT and TOUCH controllers, inc the extras like basic finger tracking and slick software (pop on head up pops home = gaming in seconds and dead comfy!)

            Also the LACK of built in headphones = INSTANT dismissal from me now, knowing what I know and how much I detest putting cans on after (or even in-ears after) I love the Rift’s effortless all-in design and these don’t have that = pointless to me, just another DEV KIT like vive dressed up!

            With rift once you’ve set it once you’re good to go, you can slip it on like a baseball cap, sound included and instantly off to VR land, which is vital to the usability/fun of VR, nobody likes messing around (VIVE was a pain!) and even PSVR felt clunky due to no built in phones + having to ratchet it the back gear and slide in the screen each time… Rift really is the best all round solution right now, these MS ones won’t change that with a slightly higher res (and far worse FOV/Screens)

          • Firestorm185

            tbh I agree, the smaller fov will be a bit annoying, but I just really want to see what they have to give with Windows MR, so if I have to buy a headset for that, ok then. TBH tought I really just want to wait for Oculus/FB to come out with a standalone or a cordless rift. that’ll be wen I really get into buying tons of headsets. xD

      • Armando Tavares

        Don’t mind him. He’s been spreading ‘hate’ about these in every news he comments in. Here’s a ‘gem’:

        «Microsoft and it’s friends (Acer, Dell, HP), the underachiever lame ducks, why can’t they make a good product like other companies : Apple, Samsung, Oculus, HTC. They are too late to the game and bring nothing new, even worst they bring old abandoned technology that are way behind what the others were 2 years ago. And the price is not even remotely competitive at all. So this is google cardboard for PC. Half of the time I play in VR, my hands are not in front of me. Can you crawl on the floor with that thing? No.

        Inside-out tracking is stupid when you still need a fixed computer.»


        • silvaring

          What an idiot… my word. Some people should have their keyboards taken away from them for a while.

        • Robbie

          Maybe but he has a point. While the resolution should be a marked improvement since it’s technically much higher than the Rift or Vive, the FOV has been markedly reduced to 95 degrees. While that will also massively improve perceived resolution, that big drop in FOV greatly reduces immersion which is the whole point of VR. Even in Rift or Vive, that 110 degrees of FOV is not enough to extend beyond periphery so the last thing you want to do is reduce it any further and that 15 degrees loss is a big deal. Immersion is everything in VR. We have Oculus Rift and while it’s truly impressive, it’s still like wearing ski goggles and it’s not hard to get distracted by the housing so imaging what a 15 degree drop in FOV will look like. Logistics of VR is complicated and is all about trade-offs. Really could do with 4K curved panels. Sony’s XZ Premium is true 4K so new panels can’t be far away; then we can have our cake and eat it ;-)

          • Armando Tavares

            The dude has NO point. He’s just hating and can’t even get his facts straight.

            Regarding the rest of what you said: I agree. Any FOV reduction is bad, however, in this case we have a trade off, kinda….. text seems to be A LOT more readable and that is also a HUGE plus. Would I trade it for higher FOV? Probably not BUT that remains to be seen.

            On FoV and curved panels: I also suggested that once. Seems natural, right?? Why not use curved displays to simulate higher FoV? But people that understand the technical parts of these kinds of device way better them me pointed out that, curved displays would make it even harder for the optics part of the device. Sounds good but can’t be done? I dunno…

      • care package

        I bet the inside out tracking is surprisingly good for what it is. I mean seriously, it’s basically motion controls without any external tracking equipment. Inside out tracking is the future of consumer level VR easily.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Yep, inside out tracking is the future, but not until controllers themselves also have inside out tracking, or some tracking which only requires one simple box somewhere on the side..

          • care package

            MS uses methods to make up for a loss of tracking. Well see how well they work out soon enough.

    • Joe Black

      Well… If they’re available to buy in more countries than the Vive and Rift then it will hardly matter. As long as they have full SteamVR support I’ll get one for instance. It will be my only choice. And I’ve waited a loong time. Done waiting.

    • I am deplorable

      Oculus resolution 1080×1200, Acer resolution 1440 x 1440, which one is better again?

      • Jean-Sebastien Perron

        1440×1440 LCD is worth nothing compared to 1080×1200 OLED.
        It’s like saying old CRT is better than Full HDR 4k tv.

  • dk

    old news

  • daveinpublic

    Audio seems like one of the easiest additions to make. The rate of the audio data stream is low compared to everything else going through the cables. Low hanging fruit for another competitor to come in and differentiate them self.

  • Ted Joseph

    I had a feeling Acer would catch on after seeing the HP get better reviews for comfort etc. I will still purchase the HP instead of the Acer because of the detachable cable. If Acer added a detachable cable, and side mounted earphones similar to the Rift, they would have my money on day one!

  • VR Deluxe

    These MR headsets are junk. Please review the Pimax 8K 200 FOV. The kickstarter is going live on thursday. It will be compatible with Valve light houses and controllers!

    • I am deplorable

      This headset will be at $300, as opposed to that expensive Pimax you are spamming with. The usual case with most kickstarter products is that they are over-promised and under-delivered, making them trash.

  • Good. Remains a super-cheap headset, but this is an importan improvement for comfort