Amazon’s annual deal day for its ‘Prime’ members is on, and there’s a handful of deals on VR headsets. Here’s the breakdown:

Amazon Prime day offers exclusive deals to Prime members (you can get a free trial here). The deals will last until Tuesday night at 11:59PM PT.

Amazon Prime Day VR Headset Deals




Other Deals

It’s not a Prime Day deal, but the Samsung Odyssey+ Windows VR headset is on sale currently for $300 (40% discount) from both Microsoft and Samsung.

Spot any good deals that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Xron

    Great discounts… its sad that Europe is forgotten…

    • As always, there was no single discount I can recall. But I don’t know if this time you can get discount from ms store, I don’t have ma account.

    • JesuSaveSouls

      United state of europe

  • JesuSaveSouls

    The pimax is experimentally expensive

    • oompah

      & who saves souls?

      • Jistuce


  • beestee

    Waiting for a sale on the Quest. The Virtual Desktop stuff happening on it has me wanting one, just need the price to dip a bit to justify it since I already have a Rift and Odyssey.

    If Google puts a Stadia app on Quest by the time the founders launch happens I would go ahead and spring for it at full price. It would be a revolutionary combo, full fat PC gaming on a ginormous screen almost anywhere I would care to play them.

    • Thunk

      Why do you want Stadia, if you’re excited for Virtual Desktop, which is for streaming your own PC?

      • asshat

        stadia is cloud computed streaming, virtual desk top is in home local wifi streaming(usually).

        Theres a big difference

        • Thunk

          I believe Virtual Desktop also supports non local streaming; at least I’ve seen it mentioned in YouTube videos that it does.

          But either way, Stadia won’t let him stream his PC games library, only Stadia’s closed platform, which probably won’t have any Japanese support, and limited largely to western AAA.