among the sleep oculus rift kickstarter

Among the Sleep is a forthcoming horror game by Krillbite Studio which, thanks to passing its $225,000 stretch goal, will be developed with Oculus Rift support.

Among the Sleep Kickstarter

Among the Sleep puts the player in the body of a helpless baby. It’s a “horror adventure” game, according to the independent development studio based in Norway, which reminds me of the excellent and frightening Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010). The Kickstarter intro video summarizes the game:

Among the Sleep’s Kickstarter began on April 18th and ends in 24 hours, on May 18th.

Among the Sleep Oculus Rift Support

Not only has the Kickstarter hit its $200,000 goal, at 115% funding, they’ve also passed their $225,000 Oculus Rift stretch goal.

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter: stretch goals are objectives the developers promise to reach if they raise money a certain level beyond their initial funding goal.

Now that they’ve passed the goal, Krillbite Studio promises proper Oculus Rift support for Among the Sleep from the get-go. They released the following video to preview their implementation:

Starting at $20, you can still support the developers of Among the Sleep and reserve yourself a copy of the game in the process. You’ve got 24 hours left, so don’t hesitate!

As someone who has been dreaming of Oculus Rift support for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I’m extremely excited to hear that it will be coming to Among the Sleep; I can’t wait to step into a new and frightening perspective. We’ll be watching this project carefully.

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  • Andreas Aronsson

    I backed this after I watched Vaecon: play the alpha. I really don’t enjoy horror games, but this seems like such a surreal experience I couldn’t stay away :D