Buying a new toy to go with your iPhone on Apple’s online store? Now you can toss in a View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack with your purchase.

Despite the fact that Apple is selling the VR viewer for MSRP – almost 40 percent more than Amazon, the tech giant doesn’t throw just anything into its online shop. Like its physical locations, items are hand-picked to give out a certain ‘brand personality’, and seeing a VR device—albeit an entry-level VR viewer—in the halls of Apple could be telling for the company’s general acceptance to come.


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Apple isn’t stocking the VR viewer in stores for now, so this is an online-only deal, but while we wait for whatever comes next, a particularly well-written review of the View-Master in the store caught our eye:

I got this ViewMaster “toy” for Christmas. At age 70, it is one of the best gifts I’ve received in many years. Implementing the Google Cardboard tech inside a sturdy case with a single control is a great design. One of the most important things about Cardboard implementation is to keep the iPhone very stable and properly positioned for viewing. ViewMaster accomplishes this design goal with a solid three-clamp design that just about guarantees stability. There is a good amount and variety of thoroughly enjoyable VR content out there free for the download. From 3-D walk around to educational explorations to a few intriguing games, you’ll find lots to experience. A small number of minor design annoyances prevented me from giving this item 5 stars but in the broad context of affordable VR, this rates at the top of my list. Highly recommended.

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