Arizona Sunshine (2016) was supposed to get its biggest paid DLC mission to date last month, ‘The Damned DLC’. Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive now say that fans won’t have to wait much longer, as it’s scheduled to come out October 3rd on PSVR and PC VR headsets.

Update (September 24th, 2019):  Vertigo Games and developer Jaywalkers Interactive today announced that Arizona Sunshine’s ‘The Damned’ DLC will release on October 3rd for €5 / $5.

The original article announcing its previous delay follows below:

Original Article (August 28th, 2019): It’s unclear exactly when The Damned DLC will be released, as the studio has only said it’s “coming a little later this year.” It was scheduled to release on August 27th, a date that was announced at E3 2019 back in June.

The Damned DLC, which will be the largest DLC mission to date, is said to feature a large and completely new environment including a massive dam, cramped hallways and dodgy stair shafts.

The Damned is said to precede the events of the main story as well as the latest paid DLC which came out in May 2018, ‘Dead Man DLC’. This chapter of the game sends you and a team of US Special Forces to reactivate the generators of a massive hydroelectric dam to restore power to the military’s nuclear missile systems.

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“It’s important for us to deliver a game that is polished to our quality level. Unfortunately, that means getting ready for release is taking longer than anticipated,” the studio says in a press update.

Vertigo Games has still yet to release Arizona Sunshine on Quest as previously promised, which will also receive the Damned DLC expansion. It’s possible the studio is waiting to release both the new DLC and the news of Quest support concurrently, as the cross-play co-op game would likely benefit from fuller servers as a result.

Arizona Sunshine supports PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows VR headsets.

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  • Jarilo

    Well I’ll be Damned, was looking forward to it this month.

    • Gonzax

      it’s coming out next week, October 3rd! I received an email from them yesterday announcing the release date. I think it was the 3rd, maybe the 2nd, can’t remember right now.

      • Jarilo

        Yea, I know. My post is from a month ago. Day 1 purchase for sure.