To be Continued?

If you figured that Sanzaru had exhausted all of its ideas to squeeze 30+ hours of game into Asgard’s Wrath, think again.

“We can’t wait to see how the fanbase responds to this title. We have plenty of ideas for future entries in the franchise if there is demand for more,” said Doran. “We love this genre, we love this universe, and we hope to keep building on and expanding all of the effort that was put into Asgard’s Wrath.”

'Asgard's Wrath' Review – VR's Epic Norse Saga of Godlike Proportions

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  • Ninjai71

    Played it yesterday for the first three hours and I’m already loving it! THIS is VR like it should be and real next gen of gaming! :D

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Great article.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    Great game but… Sanzaru developers… Have you played Blade And Sorcery? Asgard Wrath with Bade And Sorcery combat will be a dream come true. In Asgard Wrath I feel like playing a good game in VR. In Blade and Sorcery, I fell like I am really cuting people with swords. Interesting to think that a one man studio game has a better combat system than a AAA VR studio game.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    Blade and Sorcery I will play for years to come. Asgard Wrath for some months. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a good game. But it’s a wasted oportunity.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    “We have plenty of ideas for future entries in the franchise if there is demand for more.” Here is an idea for you: Blade and Sorcery combat. Ok, will stop now lol. But, in the next meeting for discussing ideas for the franchise rembember this: Blade and Sorcery Combat. A better version, of course. Blade and Sorcery has some flaws in combat that an AAA studio with money can overcome.

  • Jarilo

    Amazing game, the best native VR game out. Congrats Sanzaru games.

  • ZeroStress

    Love this title and its setting