Bonus Art

A few more pieces worth seeing that we didn’t have room for:


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  • Ninjai71

    Played it yesterday for the first three hours and I’m already loving it! THIS is VR like it should be and real next gen of gaming! :D

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Great article.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    Great game but… Sanzaru developers… Have you played Blade And Sorcery? Asgard Wrath with Bade And Sorcery combat will be a dream come true. In Asgard Wrath I feel like playing a good game in VR. In Blade and Sorcery, I fell like I am really cuting people with swords. Interesting to think that a one man studio game has a better combat system than a AAA VR studio game.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    Blade and Sorcery I will play for years to come. Asgard Wrath for some months. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a good game. But it’s a wasted oportunity.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    “We have plenty of ideas for future entries in the franchise if there is demand for more.” Here is an idea for you: Blade and Sorcery combat. Ok, will stop now lol. But, in the next meeting for discussing ideas for the franchise rembember this: Blade and Sorcery Combat. A better version, of course. Blade and Sorcery has some flaws in combat that an AAA studio with money can overcome.

  • Jarilo

    Amazing game, the best native VR game out. Congrats Sanzaru games.

  • ZeroStress

    Love this title and its setting