Although we didn’t get a first look at Ubisoft’s VR take on Assassin’s Creed during Meta’s big Quest Gaming Showcase today, the studio says we should watch out next week for the full reveal.

Meanwhile, today’s announcement (of an announcement) confirmed for the first time that a previous leak was true, claiming the game would indeed be called ‘Nexus’, or rather Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR.

The leak, which was from April 2022, included a host of unconfirmed information including a video of a mission menu and initial impressions of the work-in-progress game.

The leaked video included a number of mission-related texts which could point to the game being set in a smorgasbord of iconic eras visited across the franchise. Here’s some text pulled from the leaked video in question which talks about Ezio, the Florentine nobleman from Rennaissance-era Italy:

“Ezio makes a surprise return to the family estate at Monteriggioni at the behest of his sister (and fellow assassin) Claudia. Claudia, it seems, has been trying to rebuild the ruins of Monteriggioni, and things have been going very slowly. She’s got her suspicions as to why this is so, what isn’t read to act yet. Instead, Claudia suggest Ezio fins out what’s going on, then leaves him with word that she’s hidden a knickknack of his that he loved as a child somewhere in [illegible] that sports a puzzle.”

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Ubisoft is set to release more info about Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR at its annual Ubisoft Forward livestream on June 12th.

Will it feature the high-flying action the franchise is known for? We won’t know until the full reveal, which we’re hoping comes with a solid gameplay trailer and a release date for its target platforms, which include Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

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  • Mike

    they will dumb it down for vr. it seems when studios make games like this, they tend to make it about the mechanic and i foresee this taking the horizon zero dawn path. instead of just giving us assassins creed it will be more of an experience. game makers need to follow capcoms lead and just give us the full console flat game just in vr, like resident evil is. when you change it to make the game more about the vr mechanics than the full fat game we all lose.

    • Totius

      You are probably right, but unfortunately the VR games market is not sustainable yet, moreover not any game is easily adaptable to VR. Anyway, I totally share your worries

  • kool

    It seems like the could remake the original assassin’s Creed on psvr2 by now

  • DickDastardly


  • Sky Castle

    It’s being made for the lowest common dominator…Quest 2. So graphics are going to be shit. Pass.