Beat Games today released Beat Saber’s long-awaited first DLC music pack, an effort created in partnership with electronic dance music record label Monstercat. A new update on PC also brings it up to speed with the PSVR version, now featuring full mode and track parity between both platforms.

Update (12:10 PM ET): It previously appeared that only the individual songs and a bundle featuring both the base game and the 10-song pack were available at launch. It seems there’s been a fix in the meantime, as Steam now shows the bundled songs correctly.

Dubbed ‘Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1’, the paid DLC contains 10 tracks priced at either $13 for the entire pack, or $2 individually. Beat Games says all levels were mapped by hand and are available in all 5 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Expert+ mode.

Here’s all the tracks coming in the first music pack; you can preview each track below by clicking on the title:

1. Till It’s Over – Tristam
2. We Won’t Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) – Feint
3. Boundless – Aero Chord
4. EPIC – Tokyo Machine
5. Stronger (feat. EMEL) – Stonebank
6. Overkill – RIOT
7. This Time – Kayzo
8. Emoji VIP – Pegboard Nerds
9. Rattlesnake – Rogue
10. Feeling Stronger (feat. Charlotte Colley) [High Maintenance Remix] – Muzzy

The music pack will be available for purchase for both PSVR and PC VR users, including Steam (Rift, Vive, Windows VR) and Oculus Store (Rift).

Additionally, PC users now have complete parity with PSVR after today’s update, as the PC version now features two previous PSVR exclusives: campaign mode and five tracks from OST Vol. II.

Valve Updated SteamVR Tracking Because 'Beat Saber' Players Were Too Fast

Beat Saber also now features a new UI, something Beat Games says was designed so players can “browse packs easily and add tracks to their music library comfortably with just a few clicks and with their headsets on.”

The new music pack is decidedly a step in the right direct in terms of more high intensity music, although we were definitely hoping for some more variety in genres (I personally was hoping for some K-POP and metal). Going with a single record label does have its advantages though in terms of navigating usage rights; it seems Beat Games is still playing it safe in order to provide a quantity and quality of music to further support one of top-performing VR games as of late.

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  • jj

    and pc will get these modded for free….x100…for free

    • James Cobalt

      Which is a shame, because the creators deserve payment for their work. Back in the day, D-Player/iDance was a product that showed articulated 3D models dancing to music – generally the choreography featured in the music’s music video. They sold the 3D models and D-Player’s equivalent of beat maps (the skeletal animation) but outside a few instances of licensed bundles, users would buy the songs from iTunes or wherever.

      A similar model could work for Beat Saber’s modding community to bring things above board and provide financial incentive for quality beat maps.

      • Adrian Meredith

        Haha that would never happen, music and film industry loves opportunities to sell you the same thing multiple times.

    • Jistuce

      “Hey, guys, we paid for some new music licenses and did a lot of work here. ”

      “Cool, let me pirate that.”

      • jj

        more like mods have done a lot of work to provide exponential amount of replay-ability that was previously absent…. kind of did their job for them, otherwise beat saber would not have taken off the way it did.

      • MosBen

        I know. At least have some self reflective awareness about the fact that pirating thing is not a great thing to do, even if you decide to do it anyway.

    • q23main

      This is true.
      However, you could ask your parents to support for you a small developer (2 programmers, 1 music guy, couple of contract workers and a lovely HR girl) that made a game that you enjoy so much.
      The pack costs roughly the equivalent of 4 bags of chips (?) and it means a lot to them.
      If you liked the game, help them make money, so they can afford to make it better in the future.

      • pieman

        even if he did pay for that…. people will get bored of it in a few days and just go back to the insane library of modded songs that people also worked hard to make in their absence.

      • jj

        i said “and pc”, did i say “and i”??? i didnt think so

        Also , just because you have to get your parents to buy you shit doesn’t mean we all do… also also we all already bought the game, we shouldn’t have to buy more to make it feel complete when it didn’t before.

        • q23main

          You are acting immaturely (like my kids sometimes do), and you think 13$ is such a big deal, so I figured you were 8 or something…
          Would you rather pay AAA price of 60$ and have, lets say 50 songs, or (considering they are only 3 people) pay in smaller amounts for smaller packs of 10 songs and end up with 50 songs paying about 60$?
          And yes, PC users have it better, but it was your choice to buy PS for 300$ (it’s Sony’s policy not to allow mods) and not a PC for 1000$ (where anything goes as for mods).
          There’s a saying in my country “A sly man loses twice” (I guess “Grasp all, lose all” is the English equivalent).
          We on the other hand didn’t get God of War.

  • AcidicHotwire

    Until the PSVR can accept mod imports there is no parity.

  • gothicvillas

    I like the DLC dont get me wrong… but it’s no match to what we get for free and 10 fold on PC. Some of the creativity I’ve seen in PC is miles beyond what I’ve seen in this DLC. Still good one though but not as good as we get daily on PC. Sorry.

    • Lacy

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  • Johnny

    All of the new songs are EDM, they all sound alike and have no variety. I bought one song that I liked, and that’s it. At this point I’m just going to continue with what I have and save my money until something better comes along. What a money scam.

  • Justos

    i enjoyed the dlc songs a lot, but its hard to justify the price tag when you know about beatsaver and the mod support.

    still, this game has the most VR hours out of me and i will happily support the devs