htc-vive-scatterMicrosoft’s after-holiday sale has one of the best HTC Vive deals we’ve seen yet, offering $100 off of the headset’s original price along with an additional $100 gift card to the Microsoft Store.

Various stores have been offering $100 off of the HTC Vive in sales sporadically throughout the holiday season, but now Microsoft is doubling down on the offer with a $100 discount and throwing in a $100 gift card.

The $100 HTC Vive discount brings the VR system down from $800 to $700. Your purchase will also come with a $100 gift card to the Microsoft Store, which sells a wide variety of electronics from the company and beyond, and you’ll get free shipping. The deal also the same game bundle that comes with most Vive purchases, which includes The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed and Zombie Training Simulator

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If you’re looking for an Oculus Rift instead, Microsoft is also offering a $100 gift card with the headset, but you’ll pay the Rift’s usual $600 price. You could put the gift card toward the Oculus Touch controllers which Microsoft also sells.

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  • MrGreen72

    Smells like a new Vive shown at CES.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      That’s what I believe too.. But then again, the vive is now getting very close to the price of the Oculus (without touch controllers) so it’s getting more and more interesting..

      • ummm…

        what are the effective costs for you? i have the vive as cheaper. explain por favor.

    • Get Schwifty!

      There is a lot of skepticism about this rumor of two 4K displays plus wireless… but if it’s true (and it works) Oculus is in serious jeopardy…. I know I would dive on one ;)

      • J.C.

        I’m extremely skeptical of the 4K screens possibility, but the built in wireless is absolutely possible. If the screens are a BIT higher res, or just a wider FOV, it might be worth the upgrade.
        Right now, 4K screens for VR will just cause disappointment. “Requires 2x GTX 1080s”.

        • MosBen

          I’m betting that an updated Vive would keep the same resolution screens. However many units they sold this year, they probably don’twant to split their user base between people who need significantly more grapical horsepower, especially right when hardware to run their recommended specs was just becoming widely available.

          I’d say the smart money is on redesigned styling for better ergonomics, redesigned Lighthouse base stations to bring down the cost of the system, and updated input devices. Throw in an optional wireless upgrade that works with both versions of the HMD, and I think that you’d have something that would be more appealing to first time customers, wouldn’t screw over their current customers, and would help HTC’s profits.

          • Get Schwifty!

            I suspect you are correct on this… the preview version might showcase possible 4K and wireless… but I would bet it’s more about ergonomic changes than anything else plus the revised controllers. The 4K might be a”things to come” demo.

            The current systems already need good hardware to run well- even with foveaged rendering, etc I can’t see it yet on the market without splitting up the market as you said.

        • Master E

          I too am a bit skeptical, but with new rendering techniques it (ie foveated) seems as though the software development might meet hardware halfway and it becomes a reality.

          Hopefully developers will find ways to create non VR games that can also be rendered in VR instead of separately having to dedicate resources. I think this is the best way for VR to make it to the masses and not lose steam.

      • Mike Handles

        Get Schwifty! changing sides?! Hahah

        Not probable, but I’d love to see some 4k display HMD action this CES.

  • SheRaPoP

    I have visited the Microsoft site, but I’m only seeing the $100 gift card perk. Did I already miss the extra discount to $700?